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Solutions to Griffith's Quantum Mechanics?

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    No, I dont want an easy way out on my homework. I just want to know if I'm doing it right.

    As it is, these problems have many parts and getting part "A" wrong means I get the subsequent problems wrong. If Griffith's only put answers in the back of the book, but no, he decided not to.

    Anyhow, does anyone know where I can just get the answers? (not solutions, just answers)
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    There is a solutions manual, but it's only available to professors. I would think that if you get the wrong answer for the first part of a question, but the other parts are correctly derived from it, you will get full credit for them. I'm actually a grader for a class that uses this book, and that's the way I do it.
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    i need that solution set tooo!!!!!!!!!!!
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    yeaaaahhh... this Noone1982 guy posted this, but I'm getting emails for it.

    In fact, ZapperZ gave me a warning for it, and didn't reply to my message stating it wasn't me.

    Would a moderator please resolve this?
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    Why don't you just post your question and the solution you are arriving at and show us where you are getting stuck? I am sure someone here will help you out.
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    Edit: I forgot to notice, this is an old thread. :biggrin:
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    From the Global Guidelines (see link in my signature), which you all agreed to on signing up for your account here at PF:

    Thus, this thread is done.
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