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I Solving u_x=(sin(x))*(u) in Fourier space

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    Does anyone know if it is possible to solve an equation of the type
    on a periodic domain using the fft.

    I have tried methods using convolutions but have had no success

    thanks in advance
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    What does u_x mean in the context of your problem? It could possibly mean the partial derivative of u with respect to x, or it could mean the x-component of a vector u.

    Also, what are you trying to solve for?
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    sorry, should have been more clear. u_x is the partial derivative of u w.r.t. x and i am trying to solve for u,

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    Is u a function of any variables other than x? If so, your equation is an ordinary differential equation, and one that is separable and easy to solve analytically.
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    You have ux=sin(x)*u

    Can't you rewrite it as: y'=y*sin(x)? Solve it as ODE and instead of writing the constant, just assume it's a function of the other variables.
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