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Some explanation with spin qantum No

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    can anyone explain a bit about Spin Quantum No ?.Kindly explain proerly.
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    In quantum mechanics,All particles have 4 quantum number.And these quantum numbers explain some structure of particles.
    for instance:
    principle quantum number (n):this quantum number is related to the orbit of electron around the proton and it is related to the energy of states.
    angular momentum quantum number(l):
    This is related to the momentum of particle.
    magnetic quantum number(ml)
    it is related to the magnetic features of particle(this explanation is very lacking sorry)
    and last.
    spin:spin is related with (rougly)rotation around its own axis.
    and we show that spin up or spin down.
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    can you demostrate any example of Spin Quantum No.Kindly let me know the idea.Any
    help would be highly appreciated.
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    You should try to ask a more specific question, or at least tell us what you have studied so far.
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    there is not any mathmatical calculation on spin Quantum no.How should i evaluate Spin
    Quantum no.Can you show any example for spin Quantum No.
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    Did you look any course book or text ?
    in that link there are several mathematical formulations of spin calculations.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spin_quantum_number" [Broken]
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