Some question about floating seal

Some question about floating seal

Hi, everyone,
I am designing a pulley that can be placed in 10-25m slurry (or you can treat it as sea water I think).
Some ppl suggest that using a floating seal is much better than lip seal with back bone in such relatively high pressure situation.

Due to the above situation, I wonder the following issues:
1. apart from "Simrit", who are the common international suppliers of floating seal.
2. is there any guide book that can help me to design a pulley?
3. what are code of standards that regulates the size and spec. of floating seal
4. Is there any other issues that's needed to be notified apart form the specification stated in the sales catalog?

Thanks for your kind help and your precious time.
heres a couple seal sources

we use orings from parker, and both their web tech info, and tech support are very good
the polypacks are some of the nicest seals I have ever seen. we use them up to 72Kpsi and they also last a small lifetime

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