1. Roy S Ramirez

    How many O-rings would a mechanical engineer use here?

    Hello everybody! Happy 2019! I'm trying to design a mechanical face seal for the part shown below, and I'm struggling with the number of o-rings I'm supposed to use. There are two cavities (rings) for two different fluids. The liquid dynamic pressure for both the internal and external fluids is...
  2. S

    A Friction in a syringe

    Hi Friends, So I'll go into a bit of the setup that I'm having some trouble figuring out. I have a piece of rubber that will be pushing up against the side of a metal (or plastic) container to create a waterproof seal. The easiest way to think about this would be to imagine the rubber piece of...
  3. Scott Q

    Looking for flexible seal for oscillating thin opening

    Hello Everyone, I'm looking for a sealing membrane, or comparable solution, to seal a thin opening (~15mm x 2mm) that oscillates elliptically, like in my example picture below, with a low amplitude (+/- 1mm) and frequency in the 100s - 1000s of Hz range. Any ideas?