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  1. doglover9754

    B Would it be possible to make something float?

    While waiting in the doctor’s office, I looked at a ballon sticker on the wall. That made me think (once again). Would it be possible to make something float without using your basic flotation stuff (helium and propellers mostly)? I was thinking in more of a futuristic themed way. Like magnets...
  2. x2017

    Volume of a Floating Object

    Homework Statement If a 5kg object floats in water (density=1000 kg/m3) with 20% of it's volume above the surface of the water, what is the volume of the object? Homework Equations Archimedes' Principle = the upward buoyant force that is exerted on a body immersed in a fluid, whether fully or...
  3. J

    Archimedes' buoyancy question

    Question: Balls A and B of equal mass are floating in a swimming pool, as shown below. Which will produce a greater buoyant force? (Image shows two circles with circle A larger than circle B) A. Ball A B. Ball B C. The forces will be equal D It is impossible to know without knowing the volume...
  4. G

    Floating Earth leads to dangerous case voltages - neutral OK

    I moved to Australia from the US and took my Crate amp and Ibanez electric guitar with me. To deal with the 240 VAC, I needed a step-down transformer. So I have this setup: The ground connector of the socket on the 120 VAC side got weak and stopped making connection (Note 1). So the guitar...
  5. Hoverboardfan

    I want some advice on making a hoverboard

    The hoverboard would be a long, sleek, light, metal board with two strong but small fans underneath for power and another one on the end for propulsion. I would be about 3 feet in length, 5 in. in width, and about 4 cm. in height. The metal board would be in the shape of a skateboard but a...