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Something cool to make with magnets

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    I have six 1*2*0.5 rectangle neodymium magnets. I don't know what to make with it so are there any suggestions? I want to make a machine or something that can move, however, I don't know much so any idea will be appreciated.

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    If you have never made a simple motor, I'd start with one of those.

    This is the easiest:

    If you google "magnets, bulb, and batteries" you'll find a pdf of a children's project book from the 1960's that has a more sophisticated and interesting DC motor anyone can build. It's more like a real DC motor in that it has brushes.
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    Thank you for your suggestion zoobyshoe! It seems really cool. I will make the instructables motor soon. Is the children's project book called Ladybird - Magnets, Bulbs and Batteries? Thanks again!
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    Yes, that's the book. Enjoy!
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