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Sonic showers, could they really work?

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    An SF idea is to use sonic waves instead of water to cleanse your body.
    Would it work in reality? I saw a video once, where they cleansed a chimney from soot with ultrasonic waves.
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    GTOM is this for a writing material? Did you see such a device during a movie or while reading a book?
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    "Did you see such a device during a movie or while reading a book? "

    Yes, it was in Jetsons family, and in the book Hyperion.
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    Seems legit...
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    Don't forget Star Trek.
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    IMHO the answer is "no".

    While ultrasonic devices work for cleaning some types of material, they are far from being universal. Plus, in many applications they are used in conjunction with a bath - that is, you immerse the object you want to purify and then you start the sonification. For many reasons that is much more efficient than dry sonification.
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