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Sony 'Daily Edition' ebook reader

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    I got a chance to play with one of these last night. In some ways, it is the closest thing to what I need in an ebook reader that I have seen. On the other hand, it has so many problems that I found it nearly useless.

    I was able to download my Srednicki Quantum Field Theory PDF file to the reader with no problems. Just plug the reader into the computer, wait for the computer to recognize the reader and display a window, click on the right button (it was not completely intuitive as to which button, but then there weren't that many buttons), then drag and drop the file icon. That's it.

    I was able to add handwritten notes to the book. Just use the 'Options' button to get a menu, select notes, click on the 'pen', and start writing. That's it.

    The contrast is so low that I was unable to read it except under a bright lamp. This means that I can't take it anywhere and expect to be able to read it. DOA.

    The PDF default display size is far too small to be readable by me. This can be aleviated by using the orientation feature to turn the display 90 degrees. Even then, the text was so small that I was unable to read all the overbars, tildes, primes and other decorations on the math symbols. There are several display sizes, and small is the default. There is a smaller size, but that won't solve my problem. The larger display sizes reformat the page instead of simply enlarging it. The result is that lines get broken at the edge of the screen and wrap to fill a small percentage of the next line. This makes reading difficult, but I might be able to get used to it. However, the display of the equations is mangled beyond readability. DOA.

    The screen responds not just to the stylus, but also to your finger. This means that it also responds to your palm, and so you cannot rest your palm comfortably while you write notes. DOA.

    I have looked at a lot of ebook readers and rejected them for one reason or another. There are two more candidates that I am aware of that have not yet hit the market. The Entourage Edge, and the Irex DR800. The Irex machine is actually already out. However, it is shipping without the handwritten annotation feature, so is not yet of any interest to me.
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    Jimmy, how fast is does it load pages? I've got a Kindle 2 and load all my homework on it. The time it takes to load a page on this is annoying. If I need to refer to an equation 4-5 pages back and am not quite sure which page, I have to go through few seconds of waiting, zooming in and out etc. which is frustrating.

    Also, when you turn it 90 deg, can you scroll continuously or does the page scroll in chunks?

    Apparently, the iRex isn't as sensitive as the Sony and responds only to stylus movements, so your problem of "resting your palm comfortably" shouldn't be an issue.

    With a 7-inch screen, the Kindle DX still has a larger size and seeing that the Sony product is 400$, I'd rather go for the Kindle DX.

    EDIT: The en Tourage eDGe looks superb, supports WiFi web browsing, has e-ink technology, 9.7inch screen, plays videos too. Except for the price, it looks like the best one on the market now.
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    The Daily Edition is the same. DOA.

    Chunks. DOA.

    The Kindle doesn't allow you to enter handwritten notes to a PDF. DOA.

    I agree, but it isn't on the market now.
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    <OT>Srednicki has a pdf file of his book online? Very neat! </OT>
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