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Sources to figure out what schools are good for certain subj

  1. Dec 31, 2014 #1
    I am cc student pursuing a degree in mathematics. I will have at least a 3.5 gpa when I am ready to transfer. My school counselors are not the most caring and informative individuals. I tried a google search, but it seems I do not know how to do research by using a search engine or I do not know where to locate informstion.
    I have all A.s in my math courses with one B in calculus. My B's aare coming from English classes, a programming class. In other words non stem classes.

    I am in california and do not mind going to a university in another state if it has a good program and is reasonable. My letter of recommendation s are good. I have access to a professor who worked for nasa for 30 years. A teacher who has done a lot of research and worked 10 yrs at Princeton. Also a recipient of a fields medal.

    I do not have any amazing extracurricular activities, besides being in a stem club for minorities and working as a tutor on campus.

    My first choice is ucla/Berkeley. I wouldn't mind also going to a cal state (cal poly). Can anyone point me to a list of school programs for pure math and what they can offer students?

    Is it unlikely to not get into ucla or Berkeley with a 3.5 gpa? All of the igetc courses will be completed upon transfer. I am also taking the 3 physics sequence for scientists and engineers, instead of 1 physics and 2 other life sciences. Not sure if this choice helps. My teachers recommended I do so.
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    Forgot to mention what other cal states are good for mathematics or Ucs.
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