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Space/time expansion and quantum world

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    as predicted by red shift's measurement the galaxies seems to be going away from us

    how is this expansion be seen in quantum scale?
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    Nouveau_riche, please do not use text-speak on PF. Please use standard capitalization and punctuation.

    Your physics question is very vague. Are you asking whether, for example, hydrogen atoms get bigger due to cosmological expansion? If so, then the answer is no. There is not even any detectable effect at the scale of the solar system: http://www.astro.ucla.edu/~wright/cosmology_faq.html#SS
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    It has no effect on anything on a quantum scale. Only things on a very large scale, in fact only galaxies are being affected by this expansion. The gravity holding galaxies/solar systems together is strong enough to keep them whole.
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    so what we have is intergalactic expansion?
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