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Spacetime for an anti-black hole?

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    So we often see visualizations of what the space time curvature of a black hole looks like, as in a funnel. http://www.astrosociety.org/pubs/mercury/9802/images/embedding.gif [Broken]
    But are there any predictions or observations of space time curvature looking like a really steep mountain whose peak would be like a black-hole's singularity?
    Thanks in advance.
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    No. To be represented as a mountain as opposed to a funnel, it would be representing anti-gravity. There is no such thing as far as our current physics knows.
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    I agree with Dave's post, and this isnot what you probably had in mind, but if you have two adjacent black holes, you can conjure up 'STEEP' mountain of gravitational potential of sorts as you climb out of one and travel towards the other. Likewise from one neutron star to another one nearby.
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    But neither of those are mountains. You are climbing out of one funnel and down another.

    And you would get just as steep a climb with one black hole as you would with two (actually, less see diagram), so I don't follow.

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