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Spooky Action at a Distance / Tachyons?

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    Has anybody proposed a mechanism for the spooky action at a distance of the wave function collapse in Bell Inequality type experiments? Does anybody propose tachyons as a mechanism?
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    Bohmian Mechanics has an explicit non-local mechanism.
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    And of course there is no fundamental need for a mechanism.

    If one does feel a need for a mechanism, then tachyons certainly don't sound like the right one. Quantum-mechanical correlations don't propagate information at speeds greater than c, whereas most interpretations of tachyons say that tachyons do. Therefore you've taken a problem that isn't really a problem (the desire for a hidden mechanism) and turned it into something that is a problem (causality violation).
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    I don't think the transmission of tachyons is even good enough. Leggett's inequality assumes that the only kind of nonlocality you have is two-way instantaneous communication between any two particles in the universe, and it's been ruled out by experiment. The kind of nonlocality that's required is not just two-way "telephone connections" between particles; you need a "conference call" between all the particles. In other words, any nonlocal realist theory must have the same kind of holism that Bohmian mechanics does.
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