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What is faster, Gravity or "Spooky Action" at a distance?

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    Propose an experiment:

    Simultaneous test of matter warping space (Gravity) and quantum entanglement "spooky action" at a distance where the spin of the other particle instantly changes to clock or counter clock.

    Will the result be that both Symmetric Changes are instantaneous?

    Or will it be like the old experiment in the race between light and sound. Where from a distance we can see the hammer striking the metal fence pole a few seconds before we hear the corresponding sound?

    In other words, light is much faster than sound.

    Is "spooky action" faster than gravity or vice versa.
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    "Spooky action" has no speed. It only appears after two remote measurements are compared. At best, that information travels at the speed of light.
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    You are right spooky action is instantaneous. It doesn't just appear. It is my conjecture that it is symmetric change. Speed limit of Symmetric Change is instantaneous. We cannot observe it. We can only observe the end result (the change in spin)

    But, is the warping of space when exposed to matter also instantaneous?

    Are there any scientific experiments testing these results?
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    I never said that. What I said means that it does not make sense to discuss the speed of "spooky action at a distance."

    We do not discuss personal theories at PF. (*)

    What does it mean to expose matter to space? Wasn't that matter already somewhere?

    (*) therefore I am closing this thread.
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