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Spring, Summer Admission Opportunities

  1. Aug 10, 2015 #1
    Well, my request is for international undergraduate programs (phys&math) with timing not more than 4 months between application deadline and the start of studying in university.

    Help, cause I don't see one
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    In the US, not all universities offer spring acceptance, some do, however. I don't know of any semester based schedules that would do summer admissions. Perhaps you can add some more information here that would help us help you. Like what country are you trying to apply to, geographical needs, ranking, a list of target schools.

    More information would help get you some directed advice/suggestions.
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    Most schools in the US only admit in the spring if you're transferring in as a student from another college where you have at least 24 credits. Most prefer you have 45 and be on your way to 60, and top tiers expect you to have an associates degree. Also if you're coming to the US never do it in the summer regardless as most colleges here overcharge for summer courses.
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    I think you meant fall PhotonSSBM. :woot::-p

    Or I could be wrong, I always assumed most regular admissions/transfers happened in the fall. Or maybe I'm just reading you wrong.

    I reread it, my bad! :smile:
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    - short period between admission and studying semester
    - intellectual (educational and career) ecosystem
    - infrastructure

    All developed countries (from Europe; USA, Canada etc.)
    (not all: for example Great Britain or Germany accept my diploma to foundational (pre-university preparation) courses
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