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Standard Electric Potential of a razor blade for shaving

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    I was wondering if anyone knows what the Standard electric potential of a razor blade might be?

    I read from a website this is a composition of a razor blade, I think they all have somewhat similar compositions, notably the presence of chromium.

    From: http://www.madehow.com/Volume-5/Safety-Razor.html
    Table of Standard Electrode Potentials

    I want to do an experiment with a razor blade sitting on top of a copper surface. Copper has an ##E^{o}## of 0.16, and iron -0.04. Therefore, it looks to me like the iron will corrode, which is not good for my shaving razor. I don't use a disposable razor, so I wonder if it would be a problem to have the blade on top of the metal surface for a month or more. I ask because I know copper has anti-microbial properties, and I want my blade to sit on the surface to kill the bacteria.
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    Stainless steel is stainless in the presence of oxygen. Surface passivation by the formation of an oxide on the 12% chromium keeps oxygen from diffusing through the oxide surface to the iron in the metal surface.

    If you can protect the hard chromium oxide layer, the iron will not rust. So you need to look at reactions that can damage the passivation stability in the presence of copper and soap.
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