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Standard Temp and Pressure -- old values (pre-1982) still prevalent

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    Okay, my topic doesn't really ask a question but it is surprising to me that the old criteria of 273.15K and 760 torr are still being reported as the standard and very few websites have the "new" criteria of 750.06 torr.
    Are scientists, webmasters, etc. usually this slow at adopting changes? (Well, it has "only" been 35 years.)
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    Thanks for the quick replies. Still, you would think that after 35 years, there would be some kind of cooperation.
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    Well in my personal opinion, yes scientists are slow to adapt to new standards, but there is a practical reason to it. Since science develops above fundamental theories and experiments that people few decades or even centuries ago developed. To change a standard is sometimes extremely difficult since all of these previous theories and experiments needs to be reevaluated. I don't think, for practical reason, quickly changing standards is a good idea unless it is really really necessary.

    For example, electric current flows from + to -, but electrons are actually moving the opposite way. It is going to be quite a pain to revise this, especially considering the long history of electrochemistry.
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