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Starting my Physics degree in October, what should I do/read to prepare?

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    I'm starting a Physics (with Theoretical Physics) degree in October (4 Years), and I'm wondering what I can read up on, or what I can do to prepare myself. I've read a few Feynman books, and read-up on certain areas, but is there anything in particular any of you did to get a head start? Thanks
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    know your calculus
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    Better yet, know your algebra. Too many people flunk calculus, and hence physics, because their elementary algebra skills were poorly developed.
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    I'd take a different approach if your math skills are solid, grab the book you'll be using in your first class early, and start working through it. I know I did that with


    and it did wonders for me. I managed to get through 14 chapters before the class started, and with the first 19 or 20 covered in the first semester it gave me a big boost, which allowed me to focus a lot more on my other classes, and still remain ahead of my physics class into the second semester.
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    I second the notion of solidifying your basic math + the text you're going to cover the first year or so. Don't go nuts, the first year or two is going to be fairly basic and if you're in the US, a lot of wasted time in general ed courses.
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