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PREPARE is an acronym for the European Union's Platform for European Preparedness Against (Re-)emerging Epidemics. The coordinator is professor Herman Goossens of the University of Antwerp. It was activated on 31 December 2019 in response to coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and as of February 2020 was operating in outbreak response mode 2 (mobilisation), the second of three modes.

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  1. D

    Admissions ENS International Student selection - How to prepare?

    Hi everyone, I've completed my last year of high school and I want to start preparing for the selection to get in Ecole Normale Supérieure. Does anyone have any tips? I 've been training on IPho problems and pre IMO ones for a year now, to improve problem solving skills. Does anyone know if...
  2. H

    In search of a non-linear way to prepare students for this unique exam

    Suppose there is an exam of maths, for a particular service, whose syllabus is of Bachelor of Science: Maths level, i.e. the syllabus includes (exhaustively) Linear Algebra, Abstract Algebra, Calculus, Vector Calculus, Real Analysis, Complex Analysis, Ordinary Differential Equations, Partial...
  3. BalinesePhysicist

    Studying What to do in a gap year to prepare for a Physics + Math degree

    As the title says, I am now in a Coronavirus induced gap year. I have been accepted at a university, which for some reason requires us to do a double major. Hence I chose math as my second major alongside Physics since it has the most overlap, and I'm also very interested in theory. In school, I...
  4. jedishrfu

    USGS Cautions: Prepare NOW for Non-Imminent Eruption of Mauna Loa

    Mauna Loa is considered the largest active volcano on Earth, rising to 13,681 feet above sea level. Mauna Loa rises up from the ocean floor of the Central Pacific at a depth of about 3 miles. Because of the volcano’s significant mass, the ocean floor directly beneath Mauna Loa is depressed by...
  5. Y

    Help My Grandson Prepare for Internship in Gaming Company

    My grandson is staying 2 days with us before going back to college in Washington State. He's a CS major and he is interested in gaming. He want to get an intern job with a gaming company this summer. I told him the first thing is to see what language they use for their games, it's C++. His...
  6. P

    Admissions How to prepare for a PhD interview?

    Hello everyone! I recently got an interview request from OSU's Astronomy Ph.D program and was wondering how I should prepare for it. Thanks
  7. Wrichik Basu

    How to prepare my camera for a solar eclipse

    There will be a solar eclipse on 26th December that can be viewed from my city. In addition to buying safety glasses, I also want to prepare my camera, if possible. The camera is a Panasonic FZ-70. I have a UV protector and four ND filters - 2, 4, 8, 16. I am also buying a circular polarizer...
  8. Saptarshi Sarkar

    How to prepare for Physics entrance exams?

    I am an undergrad student who will soon give entrance exams for many institutions for grad. The total syllabus of undergrad physics is needed for the tests and it is quite large. The advice I need is whether I should spend more time learning and revising the concepts and related formulas until...
  9. U

    Testing Preparing for the F=ma Exam for High School Students

    I know there is quite a lot of similar posts like these but how do I prepare for this exam? I am a high schooler who has a decent amount of time. I am wondering what textbooks would prepare me. What I know is that the exam is focused on mechanics, more specifically, "A: The F=ma exam focuses on...
  10. B

    How does one prepare standards for headspace gas chromatography?

    I need to measure trichloroethylene (TCE) in water samples using headspace gas chromatography. Obviously, I will need a set of standard solutions to make a standard curve for concentration vs area. How exactly do you prepare the standard solutions? What I don't understand is that, say I prepare...
  11. A

    What could elementary school teachers do to better prepare students?

    Physics forums members have ranted how high-school did not prepare students for college. However, I think that elementary school is as equally as important as high-school. Members have should be ranting about elementary school teachers too. The willingness to do homework is a skill that students...
  12. Wrichik Basu

    Studying How to prepare for a life in research?

    I am student who wants to do research in physics, and aims for a life in research. Being in the final year of high school, I do not get a lot of time to devote to my passion - physics and related experiments. About 30mins in a day can be spared for extra studies, and I utilise this time fully...
  13. B

    How to prepare for oral examination?

    Hi! I completed 1st year of undergraduate program (Math). One distinctive thing I am really bad is... oral examination. I think the main problem is I don't know how to prepare for it. Let me be more specific: My semester is 4months long. At the faculty we take on so much material every week...
  14. Zack K

    Programs How to best prepare for a physics major

    So in a couple weeks I'm going into university to study physics and I just have so many things going over my head. The main thing I am afraid of is failure. I'm planning to go on to a top grad school in the future and then go on to pursue a PhD in astrophysics. I've been looking forward to doing...
  15. G

    Courses How to prepare for Calculus Based Physics 2?

    hello, Some background I transfer to SUNY Albany in Fall 2017 and took the following courses Organic chemistry 1: C+ Calculus 2: B- A PHY 140 Physics I: Mechanics (3): E (like F) An introduction to the fundamentals of physics: Classical Mechanics. Topics include the concepts of force, energy...
  16. FallenApple

    Job Skills How to quickly prepare for a Data Science Career

    Some background, I have a Masters in Statistics and Bachelors in Applied Mathematics so It's not like I'm starting from scratch. But after graduation, I've been involved in education. I'm about one year out. I suppose this would hurt me in breaking in the field. I've interviewed at a few...
  17. drawded

    Programs How should I prepare for Berkeley's Math 1A & Physics 8A?

    I just finished my sophomore year of high school and I'm taking Math 1A and physics 8A this summer. I got A's for both my physics II (school doesn't offer AP phys) and advanced algebra 2 + trig (I think it's equivalent to precalc, highest level offered in my grade) classes, but I feel like the...
  18. R

    Calculus Best Book to prepare over summer?

    Next semester I will be taking Calculus 2 and Multi-variable calculus together and was wondering what textbooks would help me prepare and allow me to become comfortable with the material that will be covered. I have not found a thread that discussed a textbook(s) that would prepare for both, so...
  19. Sullen_and_Sordid

    Need Advice - Six Months to Prepare for Analysis

    I have six months before I go back to school (after being out of school for over 5 years - ex engineering student). I'll be pursuing a BA in Mathematics and Philosophy - I will have to take either Abstract Algebra or Real Analysis 1 for my first quarter. Which class would you guys recommend I...
  20. T

    Studying External resources to help prepare for Electromagnetism?

    Some background info: I am an international student that is currently studying at a supposedly prestigious university (Top 20 in QS and Times Higher Education ranking). As part of my major requirement, I am taking an EM module. The problem is, my forte is not really physics (I am an IBO...
  21. KushalBhanot

    How can I prepare for Physics Olympiad 2018 in the best way?

    Hi ! Please suggest me some preparation methods and books . My relatively strong part is mechanics . I am really looking forward to improve every topic of the syllabus . It would really be awesome if you would guide me with your wisdom . Also , if there are some experiences that you might want...
  22. D

    Studying How can I prepare for PreCalculus?

    Hey all. A quick question in regards to preparing for PreCalculus. I would ask my advisor, but she is a "General Education" advisor as I won't have a physics advisor until I complete PreCalculus. A little back story- prior to this last semester, I hadn't been in school for ten years. So I opted...
  23. science_rules

    How to prepare 500 mL of 0.025 M of Glucose solution?

    Homework Statement : I am using a virtual chemistry laboratory and the directions for the first lab experiment says to prepare 500 mL of 0.025 M of glucose solution by diluting the 1 M glucose solution. (I am re-posting this question due to the fact that the previous one was deleted because it...
  24. Kunal Aggarwal

    How to prepare PLGA nanoparticles?

    What is the protocol used to prepare poly (lactic-co-glycolic acid) (PLGA) nanoparticle? What are the different methods of producing it?
  25. J

    Schools What can i do to prepare for college?

    Is there any online prep I can do that will benefit a future degree? At the time attending on site is not a reality for me seeing as I can't stop working. What I'm looking for is something I can do to establish a foundation and hopefully start chipping away at credit hours. I don't like the...
  26. starstruck_

    How to prepare for uni computer science

    Hey! So, I'm starting university this year, going in for a BSc. Physics and Astronomy, and one of my first year courses is computer science for the physical sciences. I do have some coding experience but it's very minimal with html and and Visual Basic, not very good languages. I did well in...
  27. ISamson

    Studying How to best prepare for the ANCQ and what does it include?

    The Australian National Chemistry Quiz is an opportunity for school aged students to engage in chemistry questions and problems. I have entered it and want to achieve the best result. How do you think I should prepare? For more info visit http://schools.raci.org.au/competition/ancq/
  28. G

    I need an advice to prepare an alternate renewable fuel

    Hi! Can someone please guide me as to how can i convert inorganic waste to alternate fuel which can be used instead of regular fossil fuel or atleast can be blended with fossil fuels to prepare cleaner fuels.
  29. Q

    Studying How should I prepare for a computational science masters?

    Hi I am a computer science undergraduate planning to do a master's degree in computational science(scientific computing) winter 2018. Since I have a bachelor's degree in computer science, I want to prepare before I apply for a degree. As of now I am following basic mathematics from A level...
  30. R

    Studying How to Prepare for an Exam Tips

    Hello everyone, In this post, i am discussing on how to prepare for an exams or to get good marks in exams. Step 1 :> Preparing to Study (a) Start studying early. Give yourself more than enough time to review the material that was covered in class. You might want to gauge how soon to start...
  31. J

    Programs Majoring in Physics or Engineering can prepare you in both subjects?

    I'm currently in community college and will be applying next semester for transfer. The problem is, I'm not entirely sure if I'd like to major in physics or engineering. I have an interest in space science but have difficulty knowing if I'd like something more applied or theoretical. I've heard...
  32. R

    Physics What can I do to prepare for college and a career?

    Hello all, I created an account just to make this post but I've been lurking for a while. I'm currently a Junior in high school and I have some rather ambitious goals. While it's not very likely I will ever achieve all of them, I'd like to at least get half-way there. I'm currently in AP...
  33. N

    Preparing NaOH Reagent: Diluting 0.32M Solution with Water

    Homework Statement There is a reagent given . NaOH with concentration of 0,32 mol/ L HOw to prepare it ? it says dilute 1 part by volume of solution Naoh with 4 parts by volume of redist.water ?? (Neglect the total volume that you need , it's not important ) just the process to make it...
  34. Y

    Courses What courses to take to prepare for MS in Electrical Engineering?

    Hi Everyone, I'm planning to apply for MS in Electrical Engineering with specialization in Computer Engineering. I have BS degree in Applied Mathematics with Emphasis in Computational Science. My question is what physics or engineering classes would you recommend to take before starting the...
  35. Vitani11

    How would one prepare for mathematical physics?

    I'm taking mathematical physics and mechanics 1 next semester. What do you recommend to prepare? I've taken Calc 1-3, ODE, and (half) a semester of linear algebra. I dropped Linear Algebra midway through this semester because I wasn't prepared to take so many courses while working. Anyway, what...
  36. Natsu1993

    How to prepare 50mM Na2HPO4/H3PO4 buffer, pH 4.5

    The have to prepare the buffer but I really don't know how. Is the any formula for the buffer preparation? Ps. Sorry but one more thing, what does the "/" between Na2HPO4 and H3PO4 mean?
  37. J

    Engineering How can a junior physics major prepare for software jobs

    I’m currently a third year physics major who has realized that grad school probably isn’t the right path, as I’ve become anxious to finish school and start doing something more productive. I want to know what I should be doing now in order to be a good candidate for software engineering jobs...
  38. L

    Studying How should I prepare for a Physics Undergrad?

    Hi. I am currently thinking about going back to school in a year or so in order to get a physics undergrad and I was wondering what I should study in order to best prepare myself. I haven't been in school for a while, and my last experience with maths was in high school (which I hardly have any...
  39. C

    Studying How best to prepare for MSc. in Astrophysics

    Hi all, I'm a software engineer, I graduated in 2013 as a mature student and I'm now at a senior level. I wanted to pursue a Masters degree and I've found an accredited distance learning MSc. in the UK ( https://www.ljmu.ac.uk/study/courses/postgraduates/astrophysics-msc) I'm using...
  40. KingCrimson

    Studying How to prepare for Theoretical Physics MSci over a gap year?

    So I will be starting an undergraduate MSci degree in Physics/Theoretical Physics in 2017, for the time being I am on a gap year. What's the best way to mentally prepare for a theoretical physics degree? I am not just talking about being familiar with the topics discussed, but also improving my...
  41. D

    How to prepare for 3rd year Maths

    Hello, I am a 2nd year undergraduate maths student going into my third year who has been through.. Calc 1 Calc 2 Calc 3 or Multivariable Calculus Linear Algebra Differential Equations I bought two books Linear Algebra Done Right and Elementary Analysis: The Theory of Calculus I want to brush...
  42. ramzerimar

    Engineering How to prepare for internships during 2nd year in MechE?

    I'm now heading towards the fourth semester in my Mechanical Engineering course, and I think it's a good time to start thinking about summer internships. Where I live, those usually happen in January-February, and companies start advertising their internship programs in september. I think it...
  43. C

    How to prepare for ECE (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

    Hello. I've just recently been accepted to an electrical and computer engineering course. I've only been out of school for 2 weeks but I can already tell that my memory is slipping and I can't remember anything I did. My course starts in late august, and I want to prepare for it so that I have...
  44. W

    Other What is the best way to prepare for a research project?

    Hello all, I'm currently in my 1st year of an Applied Physics MSc. In September I'll be doing a research project which involves (attempting) to prove the optimality of a quantum algorithm. In the summer I'll have some spare time so I'd like to prepare myself as best as possible. i) Refresh my...
  45. Dopplershift

    Other How can I prepare myself not to fail again?

    So I failed a physics class for the first time ever, I just finished my junior year of college, and I unfortunately failed my Electricity and Magnetism class and will have to take it next spring which means that I have a semester to prepare myself to retake it. The class is the junior level E&M...
  46. T

    How to prepare for differential equations?

    I'm pretty rusty at calculus. I did well in them, but my memory is terrible and I have forgotten a lot. I'm going to take ordinary differential equations (it looks and sounds like an intro DE class with some linear algebra too) next spring. What should I study and what not to prepare for this...
  47. A

    How to prepare 0.1M 200mL HCl Solution using 6M HCl

    Homework Statement problem 1) so i have a 6M HCl solution, and i want to make it a 200mL 0.1M solution problem 2) so for this experiment i was supposed to mix HCl and NaOH until they neutralized. I have to confirm the molarity of HCl that was used using math. So i used 10mL of an unknown...
  48. carllacan

    How to prepare to go from Physics to CS?

    Hi. I'm finishing my Physics Bachelor this year, and it looks like I'm going to end up with a quite mediocre GPA, around 2.8 or a bit lower (actually a 7 over 10, I'm Spanish). I don't think I will have many problems getting into the Master (which I think you would call grad school) I'm...
  49. B

    How to prepare for the Quantum Mechanics course?

    Dear Physics Forum personnel, I am a college student with double majors in the mathematics and computer science. I recently got interested to the art of quantum mechanics course through my current undergraduate research in the theoretical computer science, where my near-future project will...
  50. Biscuit

    How to prepare for the Feynman Lectures

    I'm in the 11th grade and have little education of college level mathematics. I individually find myself studying one section of it but hardly have a grasp. I really want to read the Feynman Lectures to further my education of physics, but as I read over the pdf it looks like there is a lot of...