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I State space of a standing wave?

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    Lets say a state is defined by the minimal amount of independent variables to completely describe a system.
    One would come up with the (q,p)-phase-space for a point mass and as another example the Hilbert-space for quantum-states.

    Consider the very simple case of a standing wave in string where f1, f2 etc are the fundamental and the harmonics.

    Question: Could one define a 'state-space' of the frequencies f1, f2 etc.?
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    Doesn't the original concept behind "phase space" pretty much come from wave/harmonic oscillator motions?
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    Do i interpret your answer correctly as: yes probably?
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    Well, maybe you can think of it this way:
    Suppose you were to write down a governing equation for the motion of the standing wave in a string. What would such an equation look like?
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