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Statistics - combinations of subsets

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    Springfield Football Club plan to field a team of 3 forwards, 4 mid-fielders and 3 defenders
    and a goalkeeper. Assuming they have 8 forwards, 6 mid-fielders, 5 defenders and 2 goal-
    keepers on their books how many teams can they make?

    i tried doing:
    (8C3) x (6C4) x (5C3) x (2C1)
    but ithink it's wrong for some reason...is it wrong?
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    once you choose one person then you cant choose them again...therefore if you were to choose 3 people out of 10....you have 10 to choose from first, then 9 to choose from and 8 for the third choose. Therefore you have 10 x 9 x 8. I hope thats right!?!
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    I think you have it right.
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    I was wrong i thought for some reason order mattered when choosing. Sorry
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