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Automotive Stiffness and dumping coeficients of a VW Golf

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    stiffness and damping coeficients of a VW Golf

    I need information about the VW Golf IV 1.6 16V(2003). I need to estimate and calculate the transfer function of the quarter model car so i need the coeficients of stiffness (K) (N/m) and damping (C) (Ns/m) of the front suspension, its important to complete my work so i'll be very grateful if someone can help me.

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    Hi cvy-extroid - as a fellow new person to PF I feel bad that you haven't had any responses - perhaps you can be more specific as to your needs?
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    Hi! cvt-extroid
    what is Suspension type.I think that is technical data.Do you know data of coil spring
    example total turn,wire diameter which if know I can calculate for you but damping coeficient I think you should test and calculate.
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    Ranger Mike

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    read race car suspension class on this forum...you can get pretty good idea of weight trnasfer and required springs shocks etc...
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