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Storing silver nitrate solution

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    I'm going to attempt the Mohr's Method chloride test at home for my saltwater aquarium.

    It requires me to add 5g of sliver nitrate to 250ml of distilled water and store it in a brown bottle. I have an opaque, black 750ml bottle I can use that I washed out with 0 TDS water. It used to contain Bailey's Liquor and has a metal screw top lid. Will this be ok to use? Can I use a plastic bottle to store it in instead?

    I don't have the equipment to distill so I kept partially freezing tapwater and retaining the ice until the TDS was 0.

    I also have to mix 1g of potassium chromate with 20ml of distilled water. Would this have to be in a glass bottle or can I use a plastic one?

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    Don't ever use bottles that were earlier used to keep any food for reagents. Not because of possible contamination, but to avoid nasty mistakes. Few years ago a kid died in Warsaw after drinking some kind of wood protection liquid that her grandpa kept in a coca cola bottle.

    If you keep your reagents in a dark cabinet, using brown bottles don't matter much.

    I would prefer glass bottles for both silver nitrate and dichromate.

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    So if I used glass bottles, how should I seal them if I can't use their metal screw caps?
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    Glass stoppers are the best, but I guess you don't have them. Polyethylene plastic stoppers are quite good as well. If you have neither, cork stoppers wrapped in polyethylene foil should work as a last resort.
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