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Math String theory and mathematical physics in Germany

  1. Oct 20, 2011 #1
    Hey guys!

    Which research departments are best? I was hoping to get the top 3-4 institutions names.

    Basically I am into mathematical string theory and geometry/topology-physics in general.
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  3. Oct 31, 2011 #2

    I'm a student from Germany (Göttingen and Oldenburg). In Germany are a lot of good universities. There isn't THE ONE. That makes Germany different from the States. There are a variety of pretty good universities but (I think) no one extraordinary for example like Harvard,.... The propably best universities are the TU München and LMU München.

    Here you can find an overview about some universities (most from Germany): http://ranking.zeit.de/che2011/de/rankingkompakt?esb=4&ab=3&hstyp=1

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