Struggling with MCNP problem

I don't have anyone in my university who can help me with MCNP. I'm trying to write an input deck to calculate fluence in a zinc sulphide scintillator. The alpha particles are being emitted from a solution containing plutonium, plutonium nitrate and plutonium nitride.

There are lots of things I don't understand. I am not sure if my geometry is correct. I am not sure what to put in the cell card for alpha particles "imp:?". I am unsure about the ZAID numbers and the SDEF card for a volume source. Any help to get this working would be appreciated :frown:

MCNP file:

Background information:
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I think that I I had answered of some of your question in "inbox" but I see that you ask the same question
I will wait the reponse that you will have with this new post

I don't think you added anything new in the inbox reply?

First I would like to address the cell and surface cards. I think my geometry is correct, but is it confusing?
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