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Studing physics at 33 years old

  1. Aug 21, 2007 #1

    First I apologise for my english, I dont write to much...

    I live in Swiss, and i have startet study at the epfl, but some money
    and family problem stopped my studies... so in 2002 i left the epfl and have worked a little. Now I m 33 and i would like to start my studies again in the university of Bern, in Physics (with astronomy direction). I can reach easily the
    bachelor in 3 years... but after? another 2 years for the master... and then?

    I know i'm (perhaps) too old, but i would like to start my own business...
    or work as r&d.

    But starting working at 38... would be hard...because i m laking of experience...

    Thaks for yours troughs and your comments

    à bientôt
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    A teacher in Nuclear physics examed when he was 32 years old, then started his PhD-school. 10years later, he recieved a medal from the King of sweden for his work in nuclear physics. This was like 15 years ago.. it is not to late.
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    Or consider studying engineering because it is easier to work in the field afterwards.
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    it is never too late if you have enough wit.
    may consider part-time study if you are worried about careers
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