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Studying Studying mathematics in university

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    Hello all.

    Next year, I'm going to attend the university. I really want to study mathematics, since I enjoy doing this. My grades are quite high, but I spend a lot of time understanding what's really happening, although this is not always possible. I also spend time by learning things like logic, additional integration methods, ... on my own, to give me an advantage next year. I'm not sure though, whether I am smart enough to study mathematics, because I am a rather slow student ( the others seem to understand faster what's going on, but they get lower grades because I work harder) and because of this I would not get enough time to study my lessons. Could someone give me advise on what to do? Are there any other math (ex) students who got similar problems? Btw, I'm from Europe so I'm not familiar with the grad/undergrad system.

    I'm sorry for my bad English.

    Thanks for reading.
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    So you're a slow thinker and a hard worker. That's very good. Those are exactly the types who do well in mathematics. You know what it is to struggle but you still persist. Very good.

    I've met many different students. Many were absolutely brilliant. They could solve something very quickly. But they weren't used to struggle. But math doesn't always remain easy. Once it got harder and they needed to work harder, they dropped out. Some adapted though.

    If you love mathematics so much, you should go into math. No questions about it. You're a hard worker so you can handle it. It won't be easy however!
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    Thanks for your reply. :)
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