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Submission of new thread problem

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    Will someone please tell me why after I am logged in and after I have created a new thread and I try to submit the new topic, the system says I am not logged in. Often I lose the text and have to start all over again and I am not sure how I got it to finally submit. Is it because the text is too long or I am taking too much time? Will somebody please tell me how to prevent this or get around it when the problem arises again? Thank you.
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    This would seem like a question to PM staff about, not start a thread in general physics. Try general DISCUSSION.

    As for what is going on... I have no idea. Perhaps you have some security/anti-cookie software cranked too high?
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    Are you spending a lot of time composing your post? The board has a time out feature that will automatically log you out after a period of time with no activity. If that is the case then you can circumvent that by periodically clicking on the "preview" button while you are composing your post. That will let the board know that you are still there.
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    Seriously? In over 400 posts I've never had that problem. Hmmmm... I think I just insulted myself. :rofl:
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    Thanks for the answer. I will do this for now on.
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    Us old folks are slow. old.gif

    But seriously, I have had occasions where I needed to look something up or read something else in the middle of a post.
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    This has happened to me. A few things you can do:

    First, if you time-out and end up on that sign-back-in page, don't sign in using the entry blanks in the upper right corner. Use the one in the middle of the page, and your text will be saved.

    There are ways to prevent it, too. If you know you post will take a while to write, use a word processor to compose it, then copy-paste.

    If you write a post directly into PF that took longer than you thought it would take, and you suspect you've timed out, copy the post before you submit. At least it will be in your copy cache that way.
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    When you sign in, you can click the "Remember Me" box to avoid getting logged off automatically.
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    Thanks for that hint "Redbelly98" ! :smile:

    I had also that problem in the beginning, before discovering the possibility of "previewing"
    repeatedly or copying written text elsewhere in advance. I thought my post was not welcome or they did not appreciate "slow" writers. This "phenomenon" may have scared
    posters away from this forum - I was almost scared away myself.

    But why not at that marking place explain what is meant by "Remember me" or substitute it with for instance "Stay logged in" so people understand what is meant? :confused:
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    This is a science forum kid!

    Meaning: you should have the minimum cleverness needed, to figure that out yourself :cool:

    Side note: He’s right, it took me 3 days to figure that out :grumpy:… Did I just... Nevermind :biggrin:
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