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Suggest any titles that i could research?

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    i'm not quite sure where to post this, but i need help picking a project for my final year (3rd year uni)

    i like number theory but i'm not sure what to do
    anyone want to suggest any titles that i could research?
    actually you could even suggest topics that have nothing to do with number theory, if i find them interesting i'll research a little bit about them...

    any suggestions will be very appreciated
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    Re: project

    Doesn't your university give a list of suitable topics, or a list of faculty who would be willing to supervise projects in certain, specific areas? It would be quite hard to just randomly pick some topic!
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    Re: project

    thanx thats exactly what i was looking for, unsolved stuff!!! :)

    yeah they gave lots of options but i didn't like any of them... they were too boring i want to do something new!
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    Re: project

    I had a similar project to do for my 3rd year university. I suggest you stay away from Guy's book. The problems in it are fascinating but they're way too difficult for an undergrad semester.
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