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Suggestion needed for 3rd grade physics demonstation

  1. Jan 23, 2013 #1
    If you were a parent volunteer, and you were asked to do a fifteen minute 3rd-grade classroom presentation to demonstrate ONE "law of physics" or to teach one thing about physics or physics related, what would you do as a "fun" example that 3rd graders would enjoy and hopefully learn from and remember.
    Thanks in advance!
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    I wouldn't worry too much about sticking to a single "law", as the label is mostly pointless. Just do something fun. Perhaps something with magnets?
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    I like using rubber bands and folded paper wads to make slingshots with our fingers.
    Here we demonstrate elasticity, energy storage and release, acceleration, trajectories, and more. It's also fun.

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    As a third grader, I personally found the idea that heavier things don't fall faster fascinating. Mind you, I was a complete nerd, so others might not find it as interesting. Maybe make a simple motor with a coil or wire, or make a parallel plate capacitor and get some tiny sparks in the dark?
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    Wire in a lighbulb to a generator to show that the generator gets harder to turn when there's a load on it. This will save ALOT of future man-hours which would otherwise be wasted on perpetual-motion "ideas".
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    Thanks for all the great ideas! I especially like the finger slingshot idea, though I'd have to clear it with the teacher. Or it might be safer to make a little catapult and show the effect of different angles, and adding more rubber bands. Perhaps a competition between two groups. But the time is limited to fifteen minutes. Hmmmm. Good ideas, thanks!
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    My thought is to crush a soda can with atmospheric pressure by boiling some water in it then cooling it upside down in an ice bath.

    Then maybe show them this;
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    Thanks for that video. It's awesome. I like the idea of the coke can, and I think some of the kids will relate because some of them go to a hiking spot that is about 4,000 ft above us, and if you close any empty plastic water bottle up there and bring it back down, it will partially collapse.
    I can just see the kids faces when they see what happens to that tank in the video. Good suggestion.
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