What is Suggestion: Definition and 132 Discussions

Suggestion is the psychological process by which one person guides the thoughts, feelings, or behavior of another person.
Nineteenth-century writers on psychology such as William James used the words "suggest" and "suggestion" in the context of a particular idea which was said to suggest another when it brought that other idea to mind. Early scientific studies of hypnosis by Clark Leonard Hull and others extended the meaning of these words in a special and technical sense (Hull, 1933).
The original neuropsychological theory of hypnotic suggestion was based upon the ideomotor reflex response that William B. Carpenter declared, in 1852, was the principle through which James Braid's hypnotic phenomena were produced.

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  1. Y

    Need suggestion on a FREE PDF converter to convert word doc to PDF

    As described. I want to convert word doc to pdf. I know there are free converter online and all. I want suggestion on a safe proven that people here use. Thanks
  2. V9999

    Open problems and suggestions of great mathematical journals

    Hi! Suppose that someone had solved an old but open problem in the great area of mathematics and physics, for instance, dynamical systtems, algebraic geometry and differential equations. Based on your broad experience, what are the best scientific journals to submit such a discovery? In...
  3. Istiak

    Book Suggestion for Tensor Calculus

    Homework Statement:: Book suggestion Relevant Equations:: Calculus Book suggestion for tensor calculus.
  4. yucheng

    Where to look for threads I started?

    Hi. I was trying to look up a thread I started while ago, in the Your Content page, however, it's really getting long. It would be great if there was a separate page for the threads that one has started (like a homework question), instead of having just a page with all the posts (all those...
  5. Y

    Suggestion of a forum that knows SFML

    Any suggestion of a forum that can answer question on SFML? The SFML community doesn't answer much question. I don't think it's a real forum, more like the staff answer very specific questions. Thanks
  6. Y

    Any suggestion of a good self starter book on HTML?

    I want a suggestion on a book for learning HTML programming. You all know what my level is...which is NOT MUCH. I just want to get a book that is not too hard to learn. One that I can experiment and play with. Thanks
  7. Y

    Suggestion on a good All-In-One inkject printer for craft

    I am looking for an easy to use and consistent All-In-One printer for craft. My big boss is going to throw both my Canon and HP out the window if I cannot find a good one. Being good, of cause have to have good color, which, I think everyone is good enough. What my big boss want is easy to use...
  8. Endeavour13

    I Suggestion for resources about cosmic rays

    I am a Junior UG student in Physics. We have an introductory course on astrophysics. It includes modules on cosmic ray and magnetic field in galaxies. I have a basic acquaintance with QM (up to Hydrogen atom problem). I also had a course on basic particle physics. (Very rudimentary. Mainly intro...
  9. Arman777

    Cosmology Book suggestion about Cosmological Density Perturbations

    I am trying to find some nice explanatory books about cosmological perturbation theory. I looked at Longair, Peacock, and Liddle. Even their level is nice, it seems to me that they are explaining things in a bit complicated way. Is there a nice textbook, articles, lecture notes that you guys...
  10. P

    Studying IPHO mechanics study schedule suggestion

    It's 13 week plan. I need your feedback to improve it
  11. N

    Suggestion for a gas discharge lamp

    There is a physics event being organized in my college for which I had planned to make a muon detector. I have the circuit ready which brings 240 volts ac mains source down to 80 volts dc supply. But now, I am facing a serious problem. I have been unable to find a neon glow lamp. Basically, mý...
  12. aiswariya

    Quantum Video lecture suggestion for Sakurai quantum mechanics Textbook

    hello! I've been trying to read through Sakurai's Modern quantum mechanics textbook ( My goal is to finish the first 3 chapters and understand the Dirac formulation of QM specifically) but I find myself stumbling at many places. Are there any video lectures on the internet that follows this text...
  13. Manasan3010

    Replace Broken links with archived sources

    I've seen some broken external links in physics forums Which have been changed to BROKEN as moderators. Is replacing the broken links with archived links(Ex. archive.org) a bad idea?
  14. J

    Suggestion Request To Improve The Post History Feature

    Would it be possible to see only the 'title' posts within the posting history tab instead of all the replies within a post as well? I feel it would be easier to go back to ones posts that way. As of know the post history list is filled by the users replies within their own posts. Also...
  15. E

    FB Friend Suggestion: Privacy Violation or Digital Age Necessity?

    I had a Facebook account before with an email address and a phone number, but deleted it. After months, I created a new one with a new email address, and without using any phone number. I was surprised to see FB suggesting friends I knew in real life in the past, but have never been contacted...
  16. Cantor080

    Practices, Laws, or Principles of living longer

    I am starting to search data on what actions are to be made for living longer. I might have to know the working of human body, but it might take lot of time. Within the time I know the working of human body, and have custom actions for me to live longer, to eliminate me not do any of the random...
  17. N

    Suggestion for cosmology overview

    I was wondering if I could get suggestions for good general-background book on cosmology and the development/evolution of the universe. This is for myself, and I'll leave any more specifics to the topics open as I'd be look into whatever suggestions I receive. I'm a biophysicist, and back in...
  18. G

    Mechanical Engineering Thesis Topic Suggestion

    Hi, I study Applied Mechanics and I'm in the last year of my study. I try to find some interesting topic for my master's thesis that will be at least a little innovative. Topics offered by my university are unfortunately quite usual and "old-fashioned". And I want to do something a little bit...
  19. A

    I Best equations to analyze using Big O

    What would be interesting equations to work with, using Big O? I'm searching for something that may look simple at first, but can evolve into something more complex!
  20. H

    Suggestion for authors who write good papers

    Dear the people of Physics Forums, I want to improve my English writing skills. I would like some suggestions on authors or papers that I can refer to for writing good, understandable, and concise academic papers. At the same time, I want them to be accurate and natural as English. It would be...
  21. C

    Courses Course suggestion for student interested in Condensed Matter

    I'm a bachelor student in Physics and I would like to continue with a MSc in the field of Condensed Matter Physics. I have to choose between some courses at my university and, since I'm not already an expert in Condensed Matter I would like to have a suggestion. If you were in my situation and...
  22. DetectiveT

    Studying Seeking for suggestion on thesis selection

    Hello everyone, it's not really a technical issue, I just got into a graduate course, for a master degree, and I have to decide a thesis to work on. This group is quantum related, they do some quantum material research with computer on paper only, no other experimental equipment at all...
  23. Samia qureshi

    Suggestion for presentation topic

    I have to prepare a presentation for my workshop kindly suggest me a topic that you think will be more interesting, also for those who are non physicists as their will be non physicists students also:gradcap::gradcap:.:book::book: i think of preparing on "Domains in Ferromagnetic Materials" for...
  24. kamaljit

    Need suggestion on an MIT OCW material

    Hi i would be glad if someone can help me on this. I am having a bit of trouble in understanding why the upper limit of integration over "r" is infinity in the MIT open course material on Electric field page #16 by Prof Markus Zahn (material attached as a link to the pdf). Please help. Thanks...
  25. R

    Suggestion for Research Project on Optical Nanoantenna

    Hello, I'm currently a Senior year EE student in a South Asian country. We are planning to do a research project on Optical Nanoantennas. We are still learning and are not very familiar with the theoretical stuff, we only have the knowledge of junior year undergrads (took EM Fields and Wave...
  26. S

    Time varying correlation: suggestion

    Hi, I made some measurements in a vehicle and I have one output signal (i.e. force in a vehicle component) and many input signals which few are digital (discrete only 2 values are possible) and others are anolog (continuous variables).Here you can see the output signal and two of the many...
  27. R

    Suggestion for an inexpensive non-linear load for 230/115?

    What can you recommend as a non-linear load? Preferably one that can be bought or constructed inexpensively. Thank you!
  28. K

    String theory books suggestion

    hey can somebody suggest me some good books on string theory ...i am looking forward to join this field and i have no knowledge about this theory ... and some information about some colleges which are good for quantum physics and what's the future in this field of quantum physics... by the way i...
  29. C

    Calculus Suggestion for a proof-based math text book for high school

    I am currently teaching the pure mathematics II component of A-level mathematics which consist of the following subjects: Logarithmic/exponential functions, trigonometry, differentiation, integration (including integration by parts, and trig substitution), numerical approximation of roots of a...
  30. ayush solanki

    Suggest a Quantum Physics Book for a 16 Year Old

    Guys,can you all suggest a nice and decent book on quantam physics for a 16 year old.I really am in need of it.I don't want any textbooks but a book like "the brief history of space time" but only focussing on quantam physics and mainly string theory would be absolutely great.thank you.
  31. P

    Suggestion of a topic for a Statistical Mechanics project

    Hi friends, I have to do a semester project (analytic, computational, or both) for my second course in Statistical Physics - a graduate level course with great emphasis on phase transitions. It will be graded just 15% of the final grade (so, it is not necessary to elaborate exhaustively) and it...
  32. S.S

    Medical career suggestion

    I have appeared for class Xll Board exam this year and National and State level Joint Entrance Examination for medical.The results for the competitive examinations are still awaited.I just don't know what I will do if I don't get a chance in medical for I don't have a second option.It seems...
  33. jitu16

    Other Any suggestion on Bio Physics book?

    I know physics, I graduated from physics. Currently doing masters in Theoretical Physics. But on the other hand my knowledge of biology is next to zero. How should I proceed? A suggested list of book with ordering will be helpful.
  34. Y

    Need suggestion of commercial chemical to clean shower stall

    Hi I have a hard time cleaning the deposit on the floor of the shower stall made of Dupont Corian. I believe it's a combination of hard water ( known to have hard water), soap scum. I tried scrubbing with all different household stuffs including Soft Scrub, Tilex and other common stuffs with...
  35. M

    Suggestion for a Useful Product

    Dear Member and Experts. We are doing a theoretical study. Kindly suggest me any Useful Product that has the probability to form with detachment of functional groups (Preferably -OH, -COOH, epoxy etc) from a surface to any reactant in environment such as H2, N2, H2O etc. or with gases such as...
  36. N

    Achieve Your Dream of Becoming an Astrophysics Research Scholar

    I am a student of electronics and communication and I have a dream to work as a research scholar in astrophysics. what to do after completing my engineering to achieve the same?
  37. S

    Monte Carlo textbook suggestion?

    I am looking for a good text for running monte carlo simulations. I have taken a monte carlo course for particle transport, but I need something more general. Any suggestions? (Using C++/C)
  38. D

    Suggestion for a fresher for a project

    Hi i am naveen well in these days we can find many electrical engineers achievements where there are many mini and main project in those basic small example : on and off of motor in agricultural field by using gsm technology are these Technics are really applied in real life for name sake have...
  39. M

    Discrete Element Method(SEM) suggestion

    Hi everybody, I am interested to do some DEM(Discrete Element Method) simulation for my miniproject. So far I have seen that the most available opensource codes require large computation resource for parallel calculation. I don't have access to such facility and also my initial problem...
  40. B

    In need of a suggestion [proposal for school science club].

    So I am attempting to establish a club in my school called "Science and Astronomy Club". I am supposed to write and present a proposal to our Director of the student affairs officer. I am almost done with it. It contained the following pointers: General Summary(overview), Posts(positions)...
  41. B

    Schools Canadian Universities Suggestion

    Dear all, Here is my situation. I'm a bachelors in Electrical engg with more than 2 years of experience in control systems,circuit design and vlsi.I took the IELTS exam and got a score of 6.5 and have a gpa of 8.3/10. I also took the GRE in physics and got an unexpected worst score of 570.I...
  42. L

    Suggestion on books for Thermal Physics and Statistical Mechanics

    I am planing to study thermal physics on my own as I got an incompetent faculty who doesn't know anything about this subject. I want to have a detailed understanding about the topic. So can somebody suggest me which book I should follow from the following list. 1. Schroeder, Thermal...
  43. P

    Suggestion for textbook(s) needed

    I'm a fresher at college, pursuing an honors degree in Physics. I've got Mathematical Methods for my first semester. I've collected a couple of books like Arfken and Weber and M. L. Boas. But none of them quite entirely cover the course material. Listed below are the topics included in our...
  44. tsuwal

    Need a suggestion for an assignment on fiber optics.

    I am finishing a course on Eletromagnetism and Optics. I am currently a physics student in the second year of university. I passed the final exam and now I'm supposed to do a work on fiber optics. Do you know any interesting problem that i could adress? It can be a hard one, I am supposed to...
  45. mathworker

    MHB Real & Complex Analysis: Beginner's Guide

    what is the best best way to start with real and complex analysis i don't have any prior knowledge about them(i think).any suggestions 'bout books or websites.
  46. Seydlitz

    Schools Physics Study in Gap Time after High School Suggestion

    Hi all, I would like to know if you guys could suggest me what's the best way to fill my free time (six months) between graduating high school and entering university. I will be taking Bachelor of Science with major in Physics. I also have plan to continue my study further if possible. However...
  47. DiracPool

    Hartle too hard Need another suggestion

    It started out OK, like a lot of books, but all of a sudden I hit a mass of integrals at page 22 out of nowhere. No build up, no explanation, many solution steps skipped (of course). Sorry to sound weak, but I need to be "nannied" through the maths of General relativity. I'm a right brain...
  48. shounakbhatta

    [Differential geometry] Book suggestion required

    Hello, I am a beginner. I am self taught in differential calculus. Can you please suggest me any book, as a beginner, to have a very basic idea and overview on Differential Calculus. Any free e-book? Kindly suggest.
  49. P

    Schools Suggestion College or University In Malaysia

    I live in Malaysia and I had a lot of interest to study physics and become a physicist. But so far the education of physics in Malaysia was not good enough with compare with other country. I had graduated and wish to continue in future study. I know is a better choice is going other...