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Suggestion is the psychological process by which one person guides the thoughts, feelings, or behavior of another person.
Nineteenth-century writers on psychology such as William James used the words "suggest" and "suggestion" in the context of a particular idea which was said to suggest another when it brought that other idea to mind. Early scientific studies of hypnosis by Clark Leonard Hull and others extended the meaning of these words in a special and technical sense (Hull, 1933).
The original neuropsychological theory of hypnotic suggestion was based upon the ideomotor reflex response that William B. Carpenter declared, in 1852, was the principle through which James Braid's hypnotic phenomena were produced.

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  1. Y

    Where to look for threads I started?

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  2. Manasan3010

    Replace Broken links with archived sources

    I've seen some broken external links in physics forums Which have been changed to BROKEN as moderators. Is replacing the broken links with archived links(Ex. a bad idea?
  3. J

    Suggestion Request To Improve The Post History Feature

    Would it be possible to see only the 'title' posts within the posting history tab instead of all the replies within a post as well? I feel it would be easier to go back to ones posts that way. As of know the post history list is filled by the users replies within their own posts. Also...
  4. Cantor080

    Practices, Laws, or Principles of living longer

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  5. A

    I Best equations to analyze using Big O

    What would be interesting equations to work with, using Big O? I'm searching for something that may look simple at first, but can evolve into something more complex!