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Sulfur Extraction and Potassium Nitrate

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    Well I've found this recipe to extract Potassium Nitrate from nitrate bearing potting soil containing 0.09% nitrate nitrogen and ive also found this one soil (well its more like rocky gravel) for turfs that contains 9.00% nitrogen nitrate. Okay so my question is can i extract the one with 9.00% when its in gravel type form with boiling water and ash on the bottom of it like the recipe says or should i just stick with the potting soil. Also i saw that the 9.00% percent one is from ammonium nitrate.
    Oh yeah the recipe is from jolly roger i know its not safe but what the heck its not nitroglycerin.

    I've also been looking for sulfur. I was wondering if it was possible to extract it from epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) but i was thinking that was pretty hard and i should stick to going to nurserys or pharmacies (despite the fact that at pharmacies you have to have a damn good explanation to tell them why you need it) and well yeah. i was wondering if i could get sulfur (90% pure or more in crystalline/powder form) from household ingredients using a safe procedure...well...dont worry abou thte safety too much... :)

    Thansk i would really appreciate the help im just trying to experiment with a little bit of gunpowder in pyrotechnics.
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    As for the Sulfur,
    It will be way too difficult to try to extract elemental Sulfur from Magnesium Sulfate....best to find another source.

    I get sulfur at a garden[-ish] type of store, brand name "Hi-Yield Dusting Wettable Sulfur". It comes in a 4 lb. yellow and red, heavy duty paper bag containing 90% pure Sulfur. I believe it is often used (or is supposed to be used as) repel certain pests (like chiggers and mites) on plants.
    Something like this would probably be your best option.
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