What is Extraction: Definition and 85 Discussions

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  1. mattTch

    I Proof of Column Extraction Theorem for Finding a Basis for Col(A)

    Theorem: The columns of A which correspond to leading ones in the reduced row echelon form of A form a basis for Col(A). Moreover, dimCol(A)=rank(A).
  2. Dario56

    Extraction Flash Calculation - 4 Component and 2 Phase System

    I am performing extraction flash calculations for 4 component and 2 phase system. For anyone somewhat shaky with what extraction flash calculation is; extraction is performed, feed composition is known and we are calculating compositions of both phases at equilibrium, mole fraction of every...
  3. D

    Capacitor Extraction: Charging & Isolating Electrons

    Hi, Is it possible to charge a capacitor, and then extract or isolate the part of the capacitor that has been charged with electrons? Thanks.
  4. ubergewehr273

    I Extraction of a particular quantum state from a quantum circuit

    Hello everyone! I'm trying to implement a quantum circuit that yields a superposition state $$\frac{1}{\sqrt{2}} (|01 \rangle + |10 \rangle)$$ I'm using parameterized gates to achieve this. I have been able to create the state $$\frac{1}{\sqrt{2}}(|01\rangle + e^{i\phi} |10 \rangle)$$ Is there...
  5. il postino

    Chemistry Number of extractions (n) - LLE

    Hi all! The distribution constant of stearic acid between n-heptane and acetic acid is 4.95 at 25 ° C. Determine the number of extractions from a solution of stearic acid in acid acetic acid, with successive portions of n-heptane of equal volume to the solution, necessary to reduce the residual...
  6. SMBH

    I How to check if stellar/galactic spectrum extraction went well?

    I've been doing some spectrum extractions in IRAF, stellar and galactic, and I was wondering if anyone here had any ideas on how to tell if the extraction/calibration/etc went well? I have a bunch of finished projects but I'm not sure about how to tell if they're any good or not. Let me know if...
  7. A

    Iref extraction in active power filters using active filters

    i was doing a research on active power filters and i read about Iref ( the cancelation waveform) extraction algorithm, and they are using complicated algorithms like FFT or DFT in frequency domain or the park transform and clark transform in time domain, i was wondering, why isn't there any...
  8. H

    Solvent Extraction question at different pH levels

    The question I have been given: Draw the dominant forms of each of the compounds below and state which, if any, would be expected to extract from aqueous solution into hexane at (a) pH 12 and (b) pH 2. CH3CH2COOH CH3CH2NH2 CH3CH2CH2OH H2NCH2CH2COOH From my understanding, I can tell what the...
  9. S

    I Arbirtary Extraction of Primes - From Ideal Fractal(s)?

    At a sufficient resolution, such as mapping every knowing prime gap... Could a fractal equation created to perfectly describe this (at max possible res.): http://techn.ology.net/the-density-plot-of-the-prime-gaps-is-a-fractal/ Likewise clear a path to a nth-dimensional fractal for prime gaps...
  10. Cocoleia

    I Rectangular wave, extraction of ions from a stopping cell

    Hello. I'm not sure if this question is to project-specific, but I will try to explain as best that I can. I am working with a system such as this one, with only a few differences: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0168583X1400706X it is a cryogenic stopping cell. The part I am...
  11. Emmanuel74

    Extracting Enzymes from Fruits, Vegetables, and Grains

  12. Leonardo Machado

    C/C++ Extracting information of data in column format using C++

    Hello friends, how are you ? Today's question is: How do i choose the data i want to extract from a file in c++ ? I have this data file in columns format, something like: x y z 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 I know there is the command file.getline() , and this...
  13. G

    Solar furnace for metal extraction - would it work?

    I thought about a solar furnace prototype. It is like this: light from the Sun is concentrated with a system of parabolic and plane mirrors on the surface of a rock, which is contained inside a vessel. The light and heat is not meant to reach the vessel, only the rock; the vessel could be...
  14. P

    New solution found for Gold extraction

    No mention of this here so far that I see so I would like to see what the experts know about this. A Univeristy of Saskatchewan professor claims he has invented a solution, "acetic acid combined with very small amounts of an oxidant and another acid", that can rapidly remove plated gold from...
  15. S

    Astronomical source extraction in non uniform background

    I have been working with some Herschel images and I am finding it difficult to extract the astronomical sources from the image. The image background is extremely non uniform so i am not able to differentiate between the background and the source. I used some tasks in HIPE like source extractor...
  16. mishima

    Solvent for cinnamaldehyde extraction?

    People seem to use DCM (dichloromethane) for this, but I was wondering if trichlroroethylene would also work.
  17. H

    Ultrasonic extraction of essential oil from ginger

    i just choose this topic for my final year project where i need to search and conducting an experiment to determine its effectiveness. But since i am so lack of knowledge for this particular scientific experiment, i would like maybe a further explanatory here. Any thoughts or ideas about this...
  18. A

    Ergoregions and Energy Extraction

    Hi, I'm trying to understand the argument between eqns 4.117 and 4.119 in this paper http://arxiv.org/abs/1501.06570 as to why the penrose process is not possible for a boosted black string. I understand the basic idea is to show using an argument similar to 4.33 that |E| < |p_z| (see 4.118)...
  19. Tom Rauji

    Heat energy extraction in turbocharger

    I have a question I've found asked, but never found answered. I'm an EE, but I have a car as a hobby. I changed from a belt drive inlet air compressor (supercharger) to a turbocharger. People commonly say the turbo is "much more efficient" because it "runs free on otherwise wasted exhaust...
  20. C

    PH rising during ammonia extraction with evaporation

    Hello there, During an experiment I had for my MSc Thesis for ammonia extraction, I used WWTP sludge and biogas digestate with an evaporation/distillation unit. I tried different combinations of sample vol. and evaporating flask vol. and then I added vacuum pressure. At first pH was dropping...
  21. M

    Automated sample extraction from oven?

    Hi, I’m new here and come to ask you for some help. I would like to ask you to give me a few examples of automated sample extraction from laboratory oven for mechanical properties testing. It could be in form of scientific articles, videos or anything else, where something like that might be...
  22. epenguin

    Were you taught square root extraction at school?

    And what are the methods? This was stimulated by This question could be rephrased as "use the method for finding square roots you were taught in school to find √7 to 6 decimal places". If you were taught at school. If you were not taught at school you were luckier than me, I was. It has had...
  23. R

    Benzene in water adsorption test and GC without extraction?

    Hi all, I want to measure the concentration of benzene or toluene, in water with a GC, FID detectors. I put benzene in water with an adsorbent and after hours I've to test the concentration of benzene. In the lab we've already methanol and toluene, so I'm thinking to use toluene as pollutant...
  24. J

    Chemical/Paint DIY ion exchange? Purifying glycerol, removing salt/lye/h2o

    My challenge is to provide a low-tech (DIY) way to purify the glycerol produced from soapmaking or biodiesel production. Simple distillation is out because the boiling point for glycerol is above its smoke point. Vacuum distillation and electrolysis do not count as low-tech. :) The input...
  25. Khatti

    Carbon Extraction from the atmosphere

    I sort of wandered in from the Science Fiction Forum before anyone could stop me. I have a thought that I simply lack the expertise to make use of, and I thought I would drop it in the laps of people who do have the expertise to make use of it. What would be involved to pull carbon directly...
  26. A

    What is the significance of normalized data in NMOSFET parameter extraction?

    Hey! I'm doing a lab assignment and need some guidance. i have measurement with L=1μmeter and w=10μmeter, but the id data is normalized to w=1μmeter, what does it mean? do I need to get Ids "un-normalized" for extraction, like Ids*1e-6= new Ids the second question is about low-field...
  27. ~christina~

    TLC Spot Extraction & Compound Isolation for UV ID

    I am wondering what is the best method to use to extract a compound that is separated by TLC by the liquid extraction method following spot isolation (visualization using UV and scraping absorbent silica from plate) for identification by UV spectroscopy. I originally used methanol for...
  28. I

    Underwater oxygen extraction device

    Hello everyone. I'm sure there is a really good reason as to why this hasn't been done yet but I just wanted to ask and see if it could be done. Why can't we make a mouth piece that basically takes in water, filters out the oxygen and then expels the water back into the ocean, then takes in...
  29. C

    Geothermal heat extraction math problem

    Homework Statement The actual efficiency of a geothermal power plant using a 200 C geothermal resource is only about 7%. Take this value as typical of California's Geysers geothermal field, which produces 900 MW of electric power. a) Find the actual rate of geothermal heat extraction at...
  30. E

    Bayer's Process for extraction of aluminium

    In Bayer's process in the digester both water soluble sodium aluminate and sodium silicate are formed. After that my textbook says cooling the sodium aluminate it crystallizes to to give aluminium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide. My two questions are, one, in the digester alumina reacts with...
  31. S

    Diffusion studies in extraction

    Hi guys, I have a question regarding ways to investigate diffusion. Here's the case, I have a fruit which is used for solvent (eg methanol) extraction to extract active compounds from the fruit. Now I have to do a sub-study to study the diffusion of these active compounds from the fruit to...
  32. E

    Cholesterol Extraction using Soxhlet Method

    Homework Statement During an experiment using Soxhlet Method to extract cholesterol from egg yolk, also using dicloromethane as a reagent, we crush half boiled egg yolk and put 80 cm3 of dicloromethane. Homework Equations Then comes a question which is assuming the maximum of absorption of...
  33. J

    How can smelting be used to extract fool's gold from rocks?

    How to I get the fool's gold out of rocks as to have the gold in one pile the rock in the other? John
  34. K

    Extraction of carbon distribution data from blended biofuel

    Hi, I have been working on molecular formula determination for biojet fuels. Can someone help me here please. I need to find out the molecular formula of Neat Algae jet fuel. I have been provided with the carbon-type (n and iso types) mass fractions for blended jatropha/algae fuel and neat...
  35. P

    SPICE Circuit Parameter Extraction

    Hi, I am looking for information on how to extract circuit parameters. I have a system, and I can experimentally perform current and voltage measurements. For example, I can measure the voltage response of the system as a function of a given input pulse. In addition, I also have an...
  36. P

    Mathematica Mathematica maximize element extraction from list

    Hi guys, I think this is a simple question for mathematica experts. How can I maximize the extracted value from a list given a index that has to respect some constrains? For example: S = {4,2,3,5} Maximize[{Extract[S,x], x<= 3, x>=1},{x}] I would like 4 is returned instead of...
  37. S

    Preparing an extraction buffer with PMSF and 2-mercaptoethanol

    Homework Statement We have a 100 mL of 10 mM Tris-HCl, 1 mM EDTA, pH = 7.4 We're supposed to add PMSF to a final concentration of 1 mM and 2-mercaptoethanol to a final concentration of 1 mM. The stock solution of PMSF is .10 M PMSF in absolute ethanol. The 2-mercaptoethanol is also in the...
  38. F

    ICF Energy Extraction: Sparking Discussion & Questions

    The purpose of this thread is to spark discussion of how to generate energy from Inertial Confinement Fusion. I have a few questions about the process, so hopefully someone who's more in-the-know will have the time and the inclination to answer them. (I would appreciate it greatly) With...
  39. D

    Experimental data on the extraction of radium/polonium?

    I'm having difficulty finding some secondary data on the extraction of radium or polonium. Nothing specific, really just any practical data available on the topic - I'm getting desperate! Historical data would be preferable, however modern data would still be great. By 'data' I just been any...
  40. L

    Magnetic field extraction of positive ions

    A gas composed of nuclear fuel is undergoing fission, producing fast moving positive ions that I wish to remove from the system by use of a magnetic mirror. What field strength is needed to ensure the fragments follow the trajectory I need, and not interact with the surrounding material?
  41. G

    Research Paper On Plane Extraction From 3D Laser Data?

    I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this, if not please point me in the direction I should go. I'm doing robotics research with a professor who told me to study a few different things. One was to find some papers on plane extraction from 3d laser data. Can anyone give me the name...
  42. S

    Using small samples of ether is better in an extraction?

    Homework Statement Show that using small volumes of ether solvent in an extraction from aqueous phase is better than using larger volumes. The total volume of organic solvent, amount of material to extract, aqueous volume and distribution constant are the same. You can do this with an...
  43. S

    Why Can Dimethyl Ether Extract Benzoic Acid But Dioxane Cannot?

    Homework Statement Why is it possible to use dimethyl ether as a solvent for extraction of benzoic acid and not dioxane? Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I'm thinking that it's because dioxane has more of a hydrophobic character since it has many carbons, but then...
  44. L

    Did anyone done parameter extraction of metamaterial

    Hi I am trying to extract the parameters of the SRR metamaterial. i got very good result for the Permeability but not getting good enough rersult for permittivity , impedance and refractive index. is there anyone who is doing the same thing . we can exchange our code and help correcting each...
  45. E

    How difficult is it to extract and crystallize alpha-amylase from human saliva?

    I wanted to perform some experiments on enzyme rates and chose amylase as it is easy to obtain. However, I wanted it in pure form so that I can perform mass/concentration-based calculations as well. Is there any way to extract alpha-amylase from human saliva? Thank you.
  46. S

    What is the Theory Behind Acid-Base Extraction?

    I'm confused as to what the theory behind this is, I've checked on wikipedia, but it gives a rather convoluted explanation, can anyone clear this up for me? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acid-base_extraction What is this method trying to isolate, only salts? Or is this a valid method for...
  47. M

    Extraction of iron on a match head

    Hi Please look at this link. It is only very brief. It describes how to extract iron from iron oxide on a match head. My questions are: where does the carbon come from in this equation Iron(III) oxide + carbon → iron + carbon dioxide 2Fe2O3(s) + 3C(s) → 4Fe(s) + 3CO2(g) Is it...
  48. K

    What is the purpose of adding salts during extraction in organic chemistry lab?

    Homework Statement In O-Chem lab, after the reaction is complete, NaHC03 and NaCl solutions are added. Then BME is added and aqueous layer removed. Why do you extract the mixture with salts, and what role does each one play?Homework Equations Ester synthesis trans cinnamic acid + methanol...
  49. S

    MATLAB Extracting City Name from a Text File in MATLAB: Tips for Automatic Mail Sorting

    In the backdrop of my final year project i have a MATLAB question to ask you. Suppose we have text file placed in the workspace of matlab. In the text file is written the address of a person. From that address i have to extract the city name that is supposed to be writtent in the end. I can...