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Sulphur trioxide

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    Is SO3 soluble in water??

    i know it reacts very exothermically with water to form water soluble products (H2SO4). But is SO3 itself soluble in water?
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    of course, which is energetically favourable.
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    Think of it this way: If you heat (but do not try this because it can be extremely dangerous) sulfuric acid enough, it will push sulfur trioxide as a gas out of solution. Think of sulfur trioxide as the anhydrous form of sulfuric acid. Yes, sulfur trioxide is soluble in water.
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    It probably is, but, have you really ever seen a water solution of SO3?
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    noo.... i don't think they have those in high school labs!!
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    Don't know what you intended exactly, but I intended: since SO3 reacts with water instantaneously, how can we see a water solution of it?
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    awwww ok...... lol.... i didn't think of it as sarcastic... i thought there really were solutions of SO3 dissolved in water.

    haha, thnks anyway
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