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I Summary of the fundamental equations/laws

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    Hey, all!

    So, a friend of mine recently bought a shirt with a bunch of random, nonsensical formulas on them and it kind of seemed odd to me. So I had an idea for a T-shirt design with proper formulas... The basic, fundamental equations and laws of physics as we know them now.

    So far I have Newton's laws, Lagrangian and Hamiltonian mechanics, Maxwell's equations, the laws of thermodynamics, Schrödinger's equation and Einstein's field equations for general relativity.

    What else am I missing? What are the most general principles or equation(s) in QFT/QED?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Dirac's equation. Navier-Stokes for fluid flow? Is the ideal gas law too trivial? Stefan-Boltzmann? (What size is this tee-shirt?)
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    Oh, Dirac's equation may be a good idea! Navier-Stokes is indeed important but not fundamental in the sense that it's conservation of linear momentum for a continuous medium coupled with the constitutive equation for a Newtonian and incompressible fluid; same for ideal gas law, it can be derived, and Stefan-Boltzmann can be derived from integrating Planck's law.

    And I guess this is a normal-sized T-shirt? I don't know, maybe large size? :oldbiggrin:
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    How about Emmy Noether's theorem: A statement about symmetries of differential equation is the most fundamental subject I can think about, because it carries the way we try to understand nature: by symmetries and dynamics.
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    That is a very good point!
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