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Summer Research for Internationals?

  1. Jan 13, 2015 #1
    Hi, I'm an international student attending university in the U.S.. I am currently half way through my freshman year and I would like to be involved with some research or an internship over the summer. Almost all of the guides for research that I have found were exclusive to U.S. citizens and permanent residents. Are any of you aware of internships that would welcome international students to apply? Any help and advice you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
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    Quantum Defect

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    The difficulty that you may be finding is issues with paying a person for work while he/she is on a student visa. In addition, many U. S. government-run/funded programs require US citizenship or permanent resident status (e.g. NSF REU sites). I suspect that many schools would allow you to do research over the summer for course credit, to get around the citizen/permanent resident requirements; of course, you would likely be paying tuition for these credits.
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    First find out what opportunities are available at or through your own university, assuming it has a halfway decent research program.
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    There are very few programs that accepts foreign students. I had mentioned the Lee Teng internships in accelerator physics before, or you may Google it.

    What is available to you as well is to look for professors at your university that have research grant money for summer students. These are a available to any students at the institution. It requires that you ask around to find out who is hiring or looking for summer students. Take note that the competition is usually intense for the small number of positions. You may stand a better chance if you are a more advanced student rather than a freshman.

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