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Sun's Polar Shift on 2012 coincidence?

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    Ok, these are the general facts...

    - NASA states that the sun has gone through a polar shift on the year 2001 and will go through another one on 2012.


    - For people who don't know, the Mayans had the most precise calendar of thier time. The calendar states that the world will end on the December of 2012 so their calender goes no further then 2012. For further detail on this, visit this page:


    - The sun had already went through a polar shift 6 years ago and it caused no damage. I've done some research on this and it all states either that the effects are unknown or it has no effect at all (on the star or its planets). Now, I'm just curious as to how destructive it can really be. I'm guessing that the polar shift happening on 2012 (if it actually occurs) is just a coincidence and it'll pass by just like any other year. But if it can/does do some damage, how destructive can it be?

    My research hasn't led up to anything... interesting. (explosions, technological devastations, chaos... etc.) :zzz: Can someone tell me if they find anything interesting?

    Just a little warning: if you want to research further on this subject, be careful, there are some very bogus websites that states ideas with absolutely no proof behind them.
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    The calendar ends in 2012, not the world. This is crap and we don't discuss crap here. It is a waste of our time and yours.

    But if you really have to have it, www.badastronomy.com specializes in this sort of thing.
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