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SUNY Stony Brook

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    Can any one give some first hand experience or knowledge of the undergrad physics program? How is the program?
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    It is as good as any Ivy League school.

    In case you didn't know, Stony Brook is quite a prestigious and respected school.

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    Thanks ZapperZ.
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    hey Totalderiv, I had no idea you belonged to PF too. I go as mjbarney in the CC forums and happened to notice this post about Stony Brook haha.

    I just got accepted into Stony Brook and plan on majoring in physics so I'm glad to hear that its a very respected school with a good program. I'm personally excited to be meeting Peter van Nieuwenhuizen there!
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    Haha that's really weird that you're on here too. Congratulations on the acceptance.
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    haha thanks. Is Stony Brook your top choice for next year?
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    cool. I wish you luck getting accepted even though I'm sure you won't have a problem. Who knows, maybe we'll meet each other on campus in two years haha.
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    Haha thanks
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