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Superconductivity by quantum tunneling?

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    We have some material with metal atoms inserted in substrate.Maybe by dopping.
    Electric current is able to move only be quantum tunneling jumping from atom to atom.
    Could we obtain superconductor in this way?
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    No. Classic superconductivity requires long-range order and cooperation between electrons in a pair, as mediated by phonons. Look up the BCS Theory.
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    What exactly will happen to quantum tunneling conductivity?
    What properties would it have?
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    The most common example of electron tunneling isn't between occasional isolated atoms, but between two metals separated by a thin insulating layer. A grasp of quantum mechanics is needed to understand the effect. Suggest you pick up an elementary QM text (the old one by E. Anderson is good, otherwise Griffiths is the current standard) and start there.
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