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Suppose space comes into existence

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    Question : suppose space comes into existence (expansion of space) where ever there is a local lack of mass or energy and also suppose things do come in and out of existence (for example virtual particles). If so, could the singularity of the big bang have undergone a cascade of points of expansion where ever a component of the singularity blinked out of existence even for only a plank amount of time?
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    The singularity of the BB is one where the mathematics breaks down into infinities and nonsensical meanings. This is not the same as a BH singularity. In the former case its of unknown size and origion.

    A process of virtual particle inflation is false vacuum. Which is close to your descriptive. In False vaccuun by Allen Guth the false vacuum is the lowest energy density. The true vacuun is the surrounding density. This is seperated by the Higgs field which acts as the barrier. Quantum tunneling occurs in which one half of virtual pair falls into the false vacuum leaving the other half in the true vacuum. Which becomes a real particle.

    This model was found to have a runaway inflation problem and was later replaced by chaotic eternal inflation. Which uses the inflaton. In that model individual planck length anistrophies can lead to multiple bubble universes.

    Their are numerous different inflationary models that are good fits to observational data such as chaotic eternal inflation
    Hill inflation, Higgs inflation Etc.

    There is also LQC loop quantum cosmology which describes the beginning without the singularity problem
    by utilizing a bounce from a previous universe.
    The alternates are numerous.

    As long as those alternates fit observational data they are all equally valid.
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