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  1. R

    What is everything really? All of it?

    You keep asking what caused it and you get to Big Bang.maybe you’re smarter and can go further back.but does it end?and even if it does or doesn’t?why do everything,equations,ideas and physical things exist?what is all this?everything?are you feeling what I’m trying to ask?existence scares me
  2. M

    I How do I show a skeptic that atoms/molecules actually exist?

    This might be a stupid question so please bear with me. I am having a debate with a friend of mine over the Internet. It is about science. His argument is that although science works (that is the technology part), science cannot actually tell anything about "reality". He sites for example...
  3. ivant6900

    B Do we still live in a Big Bang Singularity?

    My question is very simple but it is something I have been thinking about for some time. Every time a person needs to have the expansion of the Universe explained or the question "What does the Universe expand into?", people who know a bit about the topic answer that it expands into and onto...
  4. A

    I Interval of existence and uniqueness of a separable 1st ODE

    Problem: y'=((x-1)/(x^2))*(y^2) , y(1)=1 . Find solutions satisfying the initial condition, and determine the intervals where they exist and where they are unique. Attempt at solution: Let f(x,y)=((x-1)/(x^2))*(y^2), which is continuous near any (x0,y0) provided x0≠0 so a solution with y(x0)=y0...
  5. P

    I Would there be spacetime w/o energy

    If there was no mass/energy would space time still exist? In other words, does on space time only exist because of an interaction between two points of energy?
  6. G

    I Ontology of wavefunction vs. ontology of electric field

    Hi. Different interpretations of QM have different opinions about the ontology of the wavefunction, i.e. if it really, physically exists or if it is "just" a mathematical tool needed to calculate the outcome of measurements. The QM interpretations comparison table on Wikipedia summarises the...
  7. epenguin

    Is it true?

    that a thread about why the world does not exist does not exist?
  8. tanmay

    Secret of Gravity

    I have a doubts related to gravity How do this gravity come into existence? What is a cause of gravity? Why two masses are attracted due to gravity?
  9. enter

    Does uranium monoxide exist?

    I do not know if uranium monoxide exists or not because I can't find anything about it on the internet, but i can make a lewis dot structure of it. Can somebody help about this?