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Switch cover Snap-up spring mechanism?

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    Hi. i'm searching for a name of the spring mechanism that snaps-up and snaps-down this type of Switch cover https://cdn.sparkfun.com//assets/parts/6/9/9/0/11310-03a.jpg .
    on the left side of this red cover, you can clearly see the spring and few other things, that makes it to resist any change of position of the cover, up to a point when spring releases the tension and lets the cover to snap up. same happens when snapping down.

    i's sure in mechanical engineering it is a very known mechanism, and has a technical name like "snap-up tension spring" or "button snap spring" or something. so could anyone tell me it's name?
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    Toggle mechanism .
    Over centre mechanism .
    Toggle switch .
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    If you are just looking for the spring... that might be a bit hard to find...?

    The protective cover is usually called a...
    Toggle Switch Position Indication Cover

    The switch and all...
    Pilot Safety Cover Toggle Switch

    It might also be called a Mollyguard ... lol
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    i know sparkfun sells it but i need to create miniaturized version of that cover with some custom adjustments for my project.
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    allright, thank you everyone. i come from neighboring field (Electronics engineering) and that's why i have no knowledge of even basic things in Mechanical engineering. on youtube, "Toggle mechanism" revealed many versions of similar systems. thanks for the help.
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