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Switch From Double to Single Spacing in Latex

  1. Jul 19, 2009 #1

    In writting my thesis, I set the spacing to be double spacing, complying the requirements. But in some paragraphs, I need to make the spacing single spacing, as in the abstract. When I write \singlespacing control sequence just before the intended paragrah, it shows no affect. How to make this command affect a specific paragrah only, without affecting the entire page layout.

    Thanks in advance.

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    If you're using the memoir document class, there's an environenent called SingleSpace that does just that

    Code (Text):

    This text is default spacing.


    This text is forced singlespace.


    This text is back to default spacing.

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    Actually, I am using the article class, and the enviroment you mentioned is not defined in it. Anyway, I solved the problem by placing \singlespacing control sequence just before the intented paragrah, and then place \doublespacing for the rest to be double spaced. In the begining, I wrote
    Code (Text):
    {\singlespacing Text}
    and it didn't work. But when I removed the burely braces, it works just fine.

    Thanks Fenn

  5. Feb 19, 2010 #4
    Just a quick follow-up on this. The command \singlespacing is part of the setspace package. I have found myself trying to do this exact same thing using the article document class, and had to mix up line spacing throughout the document.

    This may not be the most elegant or correct, but it does what I want.

    Code (Text):


    %set to doublespaced by default



    this is double spaced by default\\
    this is double spaced by default\\
    this is double spaced by default\\


    this is now single spaced\\
    this is now single spaced\\
    this is\ldots well you get the idea.


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