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Other Switching positions internally, what's the proper etiquette?

  1. Sep 2, 2016 #1
    I have an opportunity to get me on my career path that I plan to stay in. The position is within the company I work for, and I think I have a good opportunity to get it.

    As for etiquette, our company is generally business casual (button up/polo) but we get to wear jeans. However, on the day of the interview, do you think I should wear a suit?

    Also, should I include a cover letter?

    Thank you
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    I think this depends heavily on the manager you are hiring for me. My group is a shorts and t-shirt place. I don't care how my employees dress as long as it isn't terribly out of place. Thus, whenever I hiring internally in the company, I personally don't care if they dress up or the same. However, I'm very much aware of hiring managers who view dressing up as a sign that "someone really wants the job". I strongly believe in staying on the safe side. I doubt anyone will fault you for dressing up, but it may be that they fault you for dressing down.
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    What do you think about a cover letter?
    I think it might be a nice touch to explain that I really want the opportunity.
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    I've never written a cover letter in my life. I never ever plan too. Nevertheless, it probably wouldn't hurt.
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    +1 on that
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