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Sydney Coleman (1937-2007) was a descendant of Gauss

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    Sidney Coleman (1937-2007) was a descendant of Gauss

    Arivero informed us of this back in 2005, about the time a celebration for the much beloved and admired Sidney Coleman was held at Harvard---the "Sidneyfest". Attended by a who's who of Nobel laureates and the like.

    Anyway Arivero came up with a PhD advisor geneology for Coleman

    that goes back to Carl Gauss.

    a great from a line of greats

    also very funny and nice, I'm led to believe, lot's of Sidney stories collected by Frank Wilczek's wife Betsy Devine
    more comments at Peter Woit's blog

    maybe someone wants to give a link


    Robphy, thanks for pointing out :blushing: I corrected the post but the booboo is still on the index page (I can't fix things there)

    Iblis, how can one trace PhD advisors back to Galileo?
    I'm curious. I didn't know people wrote PhD dissertations back in Galileo's time
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    You can make a link to Galileo this way. :rofl:
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    for galileo one could tell Viviani.
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