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Medical Synaesthesia or cross-modality in art

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    Following from the “Number Form” thread in GD, and also related to the “Synesthesia” thread in Medical Sciences, here-
    there was a post with a link about a book named “Synesthesia in Art and Science”, and comments made.

    Given ideas such as those mentioned by Ramachandran on page 456 in the link I gave in post 121 of the “Number Form Thread”, that they are moving away from other ideas, “perhaps to the idea we are all synesthetes to some extent”, and also taken from Dehaene’s speculation about versions of cross-modality, then such versions of cross-modality would be highly significant, particularly concerning aesthetics.

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    Over 400+ hits and no responses ? I didn't think PF was a home for trolls, for this subject I think it may be... No brave souls out there willing to agree of disagree ?

    Rhody... now known as aka, "little trouble maker"... hehe :devil:
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    Dear Rhody,

    I still feel that Dr. Sheldon Cooper is a genius....sees things for what they really are. I only ask that you be more patient with him, and try to understand the context from which he speaks, and teaches.

    Regarding Fuzzyfelt...she lends a distinctly novice yet insightful and youthful blend of ideas and questions to the mix. Bully for you, FF.

    As as for my comments about Rhody, physics has always been something special in my life. It has allowed me to explore the outer reaches of my mind while also staying grounded firmly on earth....my point was that it relates equally well to the theoretical but also so very well to the real world. It can give you such a boost of confidence in your ability to think outside the box, that you can use that confidence to reach within yourself and conquer your fears and anxieties of normal day to day life. My final point was that such confidence can even lead to a better sex life. I stand by that assertion...that good physics can lead to better sex....there is a direct correlation.

    Physics doesn't always have to be about solving the worlds problems...it can be about solving your own too.

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