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Synthetic oil vs two stroke/cycle oil

  1. May 28, 2015 #1
    What is the difference in oils between "synthetic oil" and "two stroke/cycle oil", bearing in mind I known 2 cycle is for 2 strokes. "Synthetic oil" doesn't seem very specific and I don't know whether to use this instead of 2 cycle for any kind of engine and just for general use. And talking about general use oil for gears, bearings, shafts etc what kind of oil should I use

    Any help would be useful
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    Two stroke oil is added to the fuel to lubricate the engine on the way to being burnt with the fuel.
    Two stroke oil can be synthetic.
    The oil and any additives used is application specific. Synthetic oils are used when performance beyond that of natural oils is required. There is no one ideal oil for everything.
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    jim hardy

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    synthetic oil depending on the brand can be used in extreme temperatures where natural oils will freeze or become too viscus to flow through the engine. some brands are made to be penetrating oils as well so a thin film will be in the metal pores even after the oil has settled to the pan but this is not all synthetic oils and natural oil also does this to a lesser degree. as was said above no one oil is universal as in a fuel oil mix vs a lubricant oil which is not burnt off during combustion. synthetic oils are not always the better choice depending on the use but can be for other needs.
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