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System condition monitoring and maintenance

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    in my engineering design class i've been set a short (1000 word) project on the ulysses space probe or more specifically system condition monitoring and maintenance for the mission. the trouble is, i dont really understand what that involves. can anyone enlighten me or direct me to some relevant material that will?

    many thanks
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    sorry, that question was probably quite vague. can someone tell me what type of sensors would be useful for condition monitoring inside a space probe? im having real trouble finding anything useful on the net; i've been searching article journals using the engineering village and web of knowledge databases to no (or at least very little) avail.
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    From a mechanical standpoint, condition monitoring usually consists of

    - temperature measurements
    - pressure measurements
    - proximity measurements
    - vibration measurements
    - flow measurements

    The individual or combination of those can do pretty well in monitoring the well being of a system. What type of instrumentation you use depends on the system.

    You may want to have an EE chime in on what thy would do on their side of things.
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