What is maintenance: Definition and 24 Discussions

The technical meaning of maintenance involves functional checks, servicing, repairing or replacing of necessary devices, equipment, machinery, building infrastructure, and supporting utilities in industrial, business, and residential installations. Over time, this has come to include multiple wordings that describe various cost-effective practices to keep equipment operational; these activities occur either before or after a failure.

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  1. S

    Optimizing Vehicle Maintenance: Tips and Tricks from Mechanical Engineers

    Hi guys, i’m always looking to conserve at best my motorcycle and car, i’m here to understand the correct way to do it
  2. kyphysics

    Auto/Motor Car Maintenance: Costs, Recommendations, and Debates

    A thread where we chat about car maintenance. What maintenance are you doing lately? What cost did you pay? What are things you've been recommended by your servicer that you're undecided on doing? Here is one for me: "engine system cleaning" ($200) The tech said it's recommended...
  3. kyphysics

    Home Repair & Maintenance Advice for Newbie?

    I don't own a home and do not plan to in the near future. However, I've been working on some pet DIY projects with my uncle on my father's house, some church and other properties of mutual friends/acquaintances. My dad's not in the greatest health and doesn't have much home repair and...
  4. J

    Degree or Certificate for General Contractor? Home maintenance remodel

    I'm looking to learn how to do basic home maintenance such as: Roof repair Bathtub install Tile flooring Install wood flooring Shower stall demo and install How to add ceiling lights Driveway install Basic things that come with owning a home. I believe that the people who do these type of...
  5. S

    Robot Maintenance & Replacement in Manufacturing Plants

    Hi everyone. I wasn't sure where to include this thread, so thought I'd include this under General Engineering (mods: please feel free to move this thread to a more appropriate subforum). One thing that came into my mind was with respect to robots used in manufacturing (e.g. auto assembly...
  6. E

    Maintenance charging of lead-acid battery bank (8 @ 6v)

    Hi. Could anyone guide me as to what equipment and considerations I need for maintenance charging a battery bank used as solar storage. The bank consists of 8, 6v deep cycle lead-acid batteries (Rolls batteries: S6- GC2-HC) The solar system is for a seasonal application and the shed they...
  7. lamejane

    E-PVD Vacuum chamber cleaning maintenance and Care

    Hello PVD experts out there ! I have question on general e-PVD Vacuum chamber cleaning maintenance and Care as shown in the pictures below, Thin film material (mostly Metals) is being deposited on a daily basis onto the hardware parts present in our e-PVD vacuum chamber ( such as the quartz...
  8. C

    Engineering BS Aerospace Engineering or BS Aircraft Maintenance Technology?

    Hi, since I don't have money, I didn't include BS Air Transportation in my choices. My friend and I are really confused. We are now already in college and currently taking aerospace engineering. However, it is so hard but I think we can make it (we haven't failed so far) but the problem is the...
  9. S

    Aerospace engineering or Aircraft maintenance for MSc

    Hello guys I'm studying electronics engineering in Bahrain and graduating by the end of the year. I am thinking of taking Aerospace engineering or Aircraft Maintenance Engineering for my Masters degree. ( Is it possible? ) I want your opinion on both subjects and which is better to go...
  10. J

    What's the Best Term for Damaged Nuclear Fuel Handling?

    Hello everyone! Anybody deals with nuclear waste? I got a question about the maintenance vessel Lepse, which is fully loaded with radwaste. Here is a link: http://www.bellona.org/english_import_area/about_bellona/33320 There are many cases (or tubes) containing one spent fuel assembly...
  11. A

    Calculating Density: A Challenge for Aviation Maintenance Students

    My teacher gave us a problem to find the density of an object that weighs 40 lbs. and has a volume of 120 cubic inches. I think the answer is .33 lbs. per cubic inch, my teacher said it is 3.3 and some of my classmates said it was something way different. In my teachers defense he is a...
  12. E

    Shifting from aircraft maintenance to designing, is it possible?

    is it possible to progress from being aircraft maintenace engineer or technician to become a designer like thermodynamicist, propulsion, aerodynamicist, systems engineer ...etc? i mean is there such a further study courses that will upgrade the maintenance engineer/technician to a professional...
  13. S

    Did I get screwed royally? (car maintenance related)

    Drum brakes replaced Two belts replaced Large pulley replaced (didn't fully understood why though, mechanic just said need to) Oil and filter Parts: 150 (bought all parts myself) Labor: 100 I was reluctant to pay the labor but for the sake of having a quasi-personal mechanic I felt...
  14. B

    Can you achieve telomere maintenance without using gene therapy

    Can you achieve telomere maintenance without using gene therapy? if so, what are the ways? thanks
  15. A

    Aircraft maintenance engineering

    i am doing aircraft maintenance engineering, after completing it can i go to the m.s aerospace engineering for my further studies... please reply
  16. I

    Busbars: Maintenance, Uses & Components

    What are busbars, and why are they so important in every power panel. What do they use. Are they part of protective circuitry?? Can someone tell to me the components of Busbars and how they are maintained. I haven't come along any comprehensive explanation over the internet. Thanking you...
  17. Y

    Electrical bonding in high voltage line maintenance

    Electrical "bonding" in high voltage line maintenance Consider a high voltage line worker about to exit a helicopter on to a high voltage "live" line, as in this video : As the helicopter approaches the HV line, the worker holds out a conducting rod. I am led to believe this is to...
  18. B

    System condition monitoring and maintenance

    hi in my engineering design class I've been set a short (1000 word) project on the ulysses space probe or more specifically system condition monitoring and maintenance for the mission. the trouble is, i don't really understand what that involves. can anyone enlighten me or direct me to some...
  19. A

    Where Can i Get Basic aircraft Maintenance BOOK

    I am new here and i am so glad to be member here i am new graduates from aeronautical academy and hope to get work in any airline in the world (need fresh graduation):grumpy: but most of the airlines need experience over 5 Y :smile: pray for me to get work and i am looking for free book...
  20. L

    Highway Maintenance Costs: What's the Average Annual Cost?

    I wasn't sure what forum to put this in, but I thought maybe some civil engineers might have an answer. What is the average annual cost per lane-mile for highway maintenance? Ballpark answer/order of magnitude is all I'm looking for. I know there are a lot of variables, so assume typical...
  21. edward

    News Jet Blue Maintenance Outsourced to El Salvador

    Jet Blue is outsourcing maintenance to El Salvador 145 People traveling on Jet Blue can thank a skilled pilot for avoiding what could have been a tragedy yesterday. Jet Blue is one of the airlines which out sources the maintenance of its planes to unlicensed mechanics in El Salvador...
  22. Math Is Hard

    Efficient Tire Inflation Techniques: A Guide for Beginners

    OK, so I need to put air in my front tires tomorrow, but I know from past experience I am hopelessly inept. There seems to be a trick to getting more air into the tires than one is letting out, and I have not mastered it. Also, I am not sure when to stop. Isn't there some kind of quick...
  23. edward

    News Are Airlines Outsourcing Maintenance to Other Countries Increasingly?

    Just when I thought the outsourcing of jobs to other countries had hit a peak, I find this little gem. quote: JetBlue, Southwest, America West, Northwest and United are among the carriers who outsource major maintenance of their aircraft to contractors in other countries, according to a...
  24. N

    Let's hear it for maintenance engineers

    (sent to me by a friend; guess from where): Never let it be said that ground crews and engineers lack a sense of humour. Here are some actual logged maintenance complaints and problems, known as 'squarwks,' submitted by QANTAS pilots and the solution recorded by maintenance engineers. By...