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Taking Calc 2, Physics 1 and Chem 1 in same semester?

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    I am a student at a CC currently taking Calculus I and Intro to Chem (never had chem in high school). I have high A's in both. I would like to major in Mechanical Engineering. I was hoping to get some advice from people who have tried this schedule:

    Calculus II
    Physics I (Calculus based) +lab
    General Chem I +lab

    (3 classes only) - 13 credits

    I love physics and math and can tolerate chemistry. I really need to get at least two A's and a B this term. Will I get burned out with two labs and a challenging math class? I am 100% willing to put in the time needed to succeed.

    I am hoping a few people that have pulled this off with decent grades can reassure me that if I put in the work, I can do this. Thanks in advance,

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    I noticed that there were a decent number of views with no replies. If anyone needs any more information to help me out please feel free to ask.

    Basically I'm looking for reassurance from somebody who has taken a semester like this that its not impossible to get three A's if I am willing to study a lot.
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    I did it with two A's and a B. Go for it.
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    Doing what you are wanting to do right now and getting A's in Physics II and Chem II and an F in Calculus II, go figure.

    Moral of my story is depends, if you like Physics and Calculus II you may be ok (be warned Calculus II is very nasty for a lot of people, I found Calculus I a cakewalk in comparison and got a respectable high A, but find Calculus II to be the most difficult thing ever, I would study more but the Physics II course takes up all my time, though some people say the first Calculus based Physics to be easier than the second, as you only deal with things your familiar with, as opposed to magnetism and electricity. Though I enjoy magnetism and electricity and find them interesting, however integrals are something else completely. Also I took General Chemistry I and the labs in that are seriously ridiculous and could take a lot of time, it really depends on you though, you will have to be on the ball at all times, I know I won't be trying this schedule again, and will be doing Calculus II without any other major hard courses along with Linear Algebra which I already took and passed but simply want a better grade in next semester.

    Just my opinion.
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    It really depends on your prof, I guess. Mine was super easy for calc II, but then again I was a very immature student back then. Still wound up with an A, but I think I deserved a B at best.

    Still, I did calc III, physics II, and chem II, all of which I classify as harder than the previous subjects, and I did good.
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    Yes it also depends on your profs, I can survive a bad prof in Chem or Physics and still do well because I love those subjects, but I've had two bad math profs in a row, and I don't love math and I am really struggling. Judge your own strengths honestly before you make a decision. I know I am going to have to retake my maths before I can declare my major in Chemistry. -.-
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    It's very doable, you just need to work hard.

    Last semester I did Physics I, Chem I, and Calc III (along with an art class) and managed A's in all of them and did a part time job.

    Admittedly none of my professors were overly difficult, it was the nicest professors I could have for all 3 subjects
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    At least where I studied, many students in the sciences would take Calc II, Physics II, and Chem II concurrently during their second semester, along with the associated labs.

    It was a tough semester but it was doable.
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    As the others have said, it really depends on your professor and college. I'm taking those three classes in addition to a psychology class. I'm doing fairly well except for physics, but no one I have talked to is doing well in that class. I would say if you can to Calc 2, the others shouldn't be a problem, as the second semester of calc seems to cause problems for a lot of people.
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    I had physics I, Calc II, chem II, an engineering and some gen eds (19 hours) last semester and (somehow) made it out alive with A+ in all three :) Though I don't have a life... You should be fine with just the three classes if you stay on top of things.
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    Doing physics 1, calc 2, engineering circuits, and a writing class next semester..

    Calc 2 compared to calc 1 is way harder just a heads up.
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    That sounds perfectly reasonable. I'm doing a similar schedule, except my credits work out to need an extra one-credit class: Calc II (+ recitation), Physics I (+ lab), Computer Science II (second semester C++), and a one credit workout class because it worked out to only 11 credits. This semester I have a slightly heavier workload because I'm taking Spanish and my calculus teacher assigns us like 12+ hours of homework almost every weekend.

    So if you start hating everything, just PM me and we can whine to each other about it, haha.

    I thought Gen Chemistry was a blast, second semester is even cooler. Have fun!
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    leehufford, I am in Calc II right now, and i honestly do not think it is nearly as hard as everyone makes it out to be. Is it an easy course? No, but in my opinion you don't move any faster than you did in Calc I. I also found Calc II to be far more interesting than Calc I.

    At my university Chem I is one of the hardest classes (as far as percentage of students who pass vs fail), but its definitely possible to get an A with a little hard work.

    I don't take physics till next semester so we will be in the same boat on that one.

    In conclusion its definitely possible, and you can make the grades you want too. I would say if you're up for it, take the challenge
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    Thanks for the replies everyone!

    As far as the professor for calculus II, its the same guy I had for trig over the summer. He is a relatively tough grader but an awesome teacher.

    Thanks for all the reassurance everyone. I'm pretty sure this course load is doable and will prepare me for semesters taking even harder classes in the future.
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